American Robins Feast Off My Northwest Pacific Madrona Trees!

It is quite a site to watch my backyard turn into a bird paradise.  I wish you could hear the sounds of the seeds dropping in my yard as more than 100 birds converge onto my trees berries! Amazing!  Open the photos to get a closer look!

Ebola: To Tell The Truth Or Not

There are many viruses that we understand.  Unfortunately I do not think we have a well rounded understand of Ebola in this nation as of yet.

There are many viruses that we understand. Unfortunately I do not think we have a well rounded understanding of Ebola in this nation as of yet. Photo courtesy of Google.

“I just stuck myself with a needle from a patient that has AIDS,” tearfully the nurse said who was my coworker.  This was an excellent nurse I had known for quite some time.  Accidents do happen and some with deadly consequences.  This was over 20 years ago and medications had become available to treat our patients.  They were still dying though from this horrible virus.

There were no words of comfort I could give her.  I just listened.  She explained to me the process she would go through via the hospital policy to check her HIV status over a period of several months. I was choked up for her at that point.  There is no calmness in this situation. There is no escaping to safety.

Many of our ICU rooms overlooked the Pacific Ocean specifically the Puget Sound.  Patients were too sick to see the view, but it was invaluable  to me as their nurse.   It was an escape I had that led to calmness over me. I felt a sense of peace evoked from the ocean.  This particular day that peace was not found looking out that picturesque window.  There was no reprieve from a lot of thoughts going on in my head.

Imagine 20 years later waking up to a new world with new challenges and new viruses. Nurses know this feeling,  especially for those that put their own lives on the line for the patient everyday.

To me not much has changed in 20 years in the medical arena when it comes to common sense.  Much of nursing is good ole common sense.  Common sense says if something hurts, you stop doing it.  So here comes the clincher that may sound radical to some folks, but to me makes complete common sense in regards to first line treatment for Ebola hitting America:


This may only be for a month, but it could be enough time for the medical folks in our nation to put together a plan.  I am waiting for the government to really take this serious.  How many people including nurses will have to get sick and/or die before the government will realize something can be done to avoid this cluster muck?  If you were that person like Mr. Duncan, would you tell the truth?   He did not.   God Bless his soul.  It took him really getting sick on American soil to finally tell the truth and he still died.

To tell  you my truth-I hope I wake up tomorrow and the government suspends  those international flights because if you think a person flying to America will tell you that they have been exposed to Ebola-maybe you should think again.

NOTE TO MY READERS:   My friend’s HIV results were negative after her accidental needle puncture.




Indian Summer

"Mom, that's enough with the camera all ready."

“Mom, that’s enough with the camera all ready.”  

Linus is feeling so much better that we had to get out and enjoy the day, but I do believe he prefer I stop taking photos.  Look at that face!

Frick and Frack trying to hide from me! I caught Frick...

Frick and Frack trying to hide from me! I caught Frick…

The squirrels have really had fun in my backyard or rather I should say forest!  Linus used to chase them away, but no more of that foolishness.  Linus allows all creatures in his yard these days.

Indian Summer Weather in Seattle

Indian Summer Weather in Seattle

I wonder what the bird sees when he looks at me! Looking up at him is breathtaking.

You can run, but you can't hide!

You can run, but you can’t hide!

The birds show up in my yard and like to stay.

It is beautiful weather and I am heading outside!

It is beautiful weather and I am heading outside!

Summer–thank you for hanging out with me and mom~!

Put A Face On It

It  is true.  I do not remember where I am at.

“Get the hell out of my bed.”

Startled the woman slowly pulled the covers back and pushed her body up to a sitting position.

“Who do you think you are? I am not that kind of man. You all up here in my drawers. Get on.”

The woman got up in a haze and left the room.

A few minutes went by and Lucille went back into the bedroom.

“Honey, would you believe that maid you hired? She done gone crazy trying to get all up in my face.  I told her I wasn’t  that kind of guy and I was married. You need to go fire her now.”

Lucille kindly looked back at her husband, “I will take care of it.”

She went to her kitchen and pressed her body against the sink and slowly took a few deep breaths. She looked out the window to the  glistening stars that she had looked upon for over 60 years .  She was home.  It was lonely though.  The man in the other room was so disconnected. He was familiar yet distance.  He waited for her to return.

“It’s done. I told her to leave.”

“Good. Now could you come to bed Lucille?”

Lucille climbed back into the bed next to her husband of 61 years. She was lonely, but not alone. She drifted off to sleep.  She was the other woman.  She had just fired herself.

Dedicated to Lucille and her husband who died of old age and Alzheimer’s Disease.  May we never forget the care taker who stays with her spouse through the good and the bad.  Lucille you are my hero.

Love Me Some Seattle Mariners! There is always next year!

My whole family loves baseball.  Here is our disabled son Luke when he played on his challenger league team here in Seattle.

My whole family loves baseball. Here is our disabled son Luke when he played on his challenger league team here in Seattle.This photo was taken the last year the Mariners made it to the playoffs….