Geriatric Linus Has Surgery

I know you have come to love this wonderful dog of mine.  Remember him in your thoughts and prayers.  My son and I decided to go ahead with his surgery.  He is resting, but in pain.   Linus is almost 15.  He has been the love of our lives.

If you want to see more photos of him go here:

I Grew Up With A Sexy Mama!

Growing up with a sexy mama was not that big of a deal. She never flaunted herself. Her daughters saw her as only mom and she was fun. However, She was the quintessential dress up queen.   Ironically enough, she gave birth to the biggest tomboy in history when it came to me.
Buying clothes was not the norm in my childhood so my mom taught herself to sew. She followed a pattern and away she went. She was so precise, so exact and so perfect!

Mom was behind us strutting her stuff in that sexy suit she made herself.  That's me in the front barefoot.  We were at the Honolulu Zoo circa~1971.

Mom was behind us strutting her stuff in that sexy suit she made herself. That’s me in the front barefoot. We were at the Honolulu Zoo circa~1971.

“Alesia, look at this dress pattern. I think it would look pretty on you.”

“No, mom. I like these pants instead.”

Mom would look accepting at my choice of a wild and loud printed pair of slacks. I would always pick out a zany pair of socks to go with my chose of attire. I knew I would totally kill in them. The louder the print the better was my motto at the age of 10!!!

dress pattern
Imagination was my strong suit when it came to seeing myself in front my mirror and my record player at full blast.  Singing along to my favorite teen idols was a must. It was relaxing to me and my one decade of life experiences knew what was best for my psyche.
Forming a mental image in my mind back then of dancing and singing in a future state allowed me to embellish the thought of crowds surrounding me as I strutted my stuff to the vinyl of choice on my  LP player. I would daydream until I was able to really take hold of a not yet experienced true sense of myself.
That was a great childhood.  I think back on it now in the past and realize I did my best to play in my imaginary world so I did not have to think too long about reality. Escaping to another venue was easy back then.  For many escaping when one “grows” up is not so easy. Reality must set in and truth needs to be seen for what it is. The truth however could sting.  Yet,  in my  youthful and playful imagination,  I would go somewhere fantastic.  When the time would come, I would fly so high that when I landed, it would be on soft ground with sure footing.

Fitting In

Yes. That is me--over 40 years ago!!!

Yes. That is me–over 40 years ago!!!

I hope you will take a moment and find out why I started to blog initially and answer my question below. My blog has evolved tremendously in 2 years. If my words only assist one person to feel better about themselves, I say that one person was worth me writing for.

I am looking at writing more about a few issues and I wanted to share those with you and ask for your help in what you would like to see more from me. Here are the choices:

1. Medical Advice or commentary on medical issues from the perspective of my 30 year career as an RN.
2. Autism ( My 21 year old son was born with moderate to severe autism).
3. Cancer and my own medical story/Journey and how I have coped with my health.
4. Genealogy and my international roots I have uncovered on American soil as well as International soil.
5. Photography of nature and my take of life through photos.
6. RETRO 70’s post making fun and light of my childhood…( OK I must admit I love doing these kind of posts! )

Thanks for your input.

How do you live in this World?

“..When you commune with Me in the garden of your heart, both you and I are blessed. This is My way of living in the world-through you!” The old testament is clear of Nature’s purpose in uplifting the heart and how the God of the universe can sustain us from nature’s point of view. Photos taken from my walks along the trails in Seattle.