May I Introduce You To My 4th Son.

Stannis ( named after the character from Game of Thrones) Linus (middle name taken from my 3rd son-also a dog) has just joined the family.  It appears that this dog will be going to obedience school with Luke, my autistic son, and his father.   Could he become Luke’s special companion and service dog?  Time will tell…   I did find a cool quote about Stannis: ” Born amidst salt and smoke? Is he a ham?”  Tell me what you think folks? He is really sweet and that is a fact!!!


Poor Fred. What's his story?

Poor Fred. What’s his story?

The river water was dirty.  To see the bottom would be impossible.  The enticing stone’s glistening blue hues was lost after  dropping it into the muddy water.  Those hues reminded me in some retrospective way to the eloquent characteristics we find in the people we surround ourselves with.  They are not the flaws, although they do exist.  Rather the parts in the human spirit we long for in someone we know dearly.  Some of our friends and family brighten up in ways that individually we can not attain. Maybe this is what attracts each of us to one another.

The water with all its mucky and slimy attributes can cover the bottom’s rich colors of what has been lost such as the brilliant blue stone.  The same  goes for life itself.   We find differing colors in others.  It is a good thing to separate the mucky waters from the jewels at times.  Such is the life of a story-teller.  Even the dirt can show humanity, but underneath this is a real human being.  We must sublimely tell the story.  Perhaps it is our own to tell,  of which the path can be dark, yet  slowly we can find our way.

Story tellers and their storytelling is a true art.  There are those that do it well.  My grandmother was such a person.  She took the good out of the bad situation and “forgot” the negative.   Is it correct to do so? Good question.  It depends.   The truth is not always pretty.   At times though,  if we tell the stories doesn’t it seem better to honor the good in someone than the bad? I am conflicted with this.  I then think perhaps my grandmother was onto something.  Maybe she was showing just a tiny glimpse by taking out the bad what awaits us in  heaven.  It is said there will be no more darkness like the murky river water, rather a Light will shine for our path.  That is the real story.

Dedicated to those who have died way too young. Go to my genealogy on the home page for topics about interesting story telling.


Seattle on my mind today. Memories of my past live on forever.

Seattle on my mind today. Memories of my past live on forever.

I live in Seattle and worked a majority of my career in the greater Northwest.   One of my sons and our sweet dog  were born in Seattle.   Most of my family, however, was born elsewhere and actually all over the United States as well as Internationally.

Memories of my past have not always aligned themselves with what became my present.  My future will probably not align with my past.  Yet, my very inner being that are my dreams and aspirations have its foundation firmly planted in a mixture of the past and the present reality I live in today.

Existence is not based on myself alone.  Although, I sometimes feel like molecules just floating away in oblivion,  I am acutely aware that my experiences have made me who I am today.

Family ties are always the glue in my view that points me in one direction or another.  Those strong emotions that are based on my mind’s memory capabilities show strong relational attachment.  The past then becomes  alive because sometimes that is all that is left.

My personality at times has become raw from illness, but with time I have been able to distill in myself those long-term memories that made me who I am today.  Some of those thoughts are very good.  Some of them were bad.  All in all the good always outweighed the bad or I would not be here today.

Transforming the rough and primitive times from the past can be very difficult.  Do you look at old photos?  Do they bring up a certain memory for you?  They do for me.  However, with today’s technology, a photo may not be true to itself.  So I love the pictures of old.  They are true to themselves.  They are the past as they should be.  I do not close my eyes to what happened in my past.  My eyes are wide open even when they are physically shut because I am emotionally in another place transforming my former self to reconcile itself with my present.

Now I am running the race.  I have learned from others so much.  Some of them are dead and gone now.  They all played a part in my life, my decisions, my aspirations.  Choices by some of them  were more for their benefit then mine, but the choices were made nonetheless.  Yet, any sadness can be made into something constructive.  That is the power of the human mind even when it is down.

I hope my future can learn more from the past so that I now can go into my future doing the things that are most important.  It is time to draw the line and run to that mark.  It may be the only memory that matters soon.




Bothell Landing

Enjoying the outdoors in the summer time is a treat in Washington State.  Today I was able to enjoy a nice walk at Bothell Landing.  For those of you in the area, this is a very nice park that has historical as well as natural beauty significance.  I took a couple of photos today with my “little” camera.  It was good to get back out as I have suffered some setbacks with my chronic pain issues.  Thank God today I was able to get out. The park is also a popular location for professional photography especially for senior high schools in the area.  Please note the handsome young man in this post. This photo was taken by DORIAN.

Bothell Landing Bridge and one of my favorite sons!

Bothell Landing Bridge and one of my favorite sons!

The Sammamish River in some areas looked surreal like you walk across the moss like a fairy tale.

The Sammamish River in some areas looked surreal like you walk across the moss like a fairy tale.

Bothell Landing has several areas where one can connect to other areas by way of a tunnel. This tunnel had been recently painted! What ART!!

Bothell Landing has several areas where one can connect to other areas by way of a tunnel. This tunnel had been recently painted! What ART!!

Ten College Bound Tips For Boys

My son at the high school track before his run. He hates his photo taken.  Can you tell?

My son at the high school track before his run. He hates his photo taken. Can you tell?

I know it is still August, but why procrastinate? Oh Lord. I can not believe I just wrote that. Honestly, it is easy to be late getting my son ready for going off to life at the university level. It is with sadness, I am seeing him grow up and fly the coup. Yet it became apparent to me a couple of months ago, I needed to “teach” him a few things before leaving. Call my list short, or call it whatever you want to, but I decided to give you the best tips he would need leaving home and having to make it without the parent there to “instruct” the student. If you disagree with my list, I will not be upset especially for mothers of daughters. I am just trying to protect my son from them:

1. Do not trust girls. Yep. It is as simple as that.
2. Buy generic at the drug store. You will almost always see an off label brand for cold medicine, antifungal lotion, or antacids.
3. Open up a check book with debit card and learn how to use it. Also, for crying out loud if someone asks
to borrow $20 for lunch-you better expect to never see it being returned.
4. Do not be afraid to ask questions.
5. Do not be late to anything. Always be prompt. I was this way when I was younger. I am not sure what happened….
6. Utilize social media (face book, twitter, you tube) only in a constructive manner. For crying out loud, you are now a college student. Act like
one! This media is a life line so use it in a way that increases your knowledge. Better than any media-make sure to hang around with
the right people. Choose your friends carefully.
7. Have an active strategy plan if you get sick. Find out exactly where your health insurance will pay especially if you are from out-of-state.
8. Set goals and talk opening with your academic advisor. Make sure that goals are set toward reaching the major you want to finish in.
9. Be organized. Make plans. And above all realize you need to sleep or nothing else works quite right.
10 Be happy.

War, Money, and Power

Where do you hear your news from? Facebook, Twitter, or the old fashion way?

Where do you hear your news from? Facebook, Twitter, or the old fashion way?

Newspaper reading has not changed in over a 100 years. I woke up this morning, opened my newspaper, and realized it was the same old shit, but a different day.
Sometimes I am not so cynical. Sometimes I really do want to keep abreast of current affairs. Yet, today the news was cutting me like a knife. It was a deep cut way into the marrows. The only way to get away from this news would be simply to fold the newspaper, lay it down, and walk away. Yet, something deep down inside me wanted to know what is happening in the world.
I thought to myself, “What good can I do with knowing the news?” It just makes me sad most of the time. It hit me then. You have the ability to infuse into your day thoughts and prayers for those in harm’s way. Yes. That is it. I could pray. I could pray for those who need to be uplifted. I could pray that someone is not at the place a bomb is going to go off.
However, I realized that praying for one person to not get hurt does not take away the fact that others will anyway. It is with deep sorrow, I know that there is no real answer.
Who would have thought yesterday we would hear the news of two Americans surviving Ebola? Yet, so many die in Africa from this virus. Against all odds, these two individuals are alive today. The story behind this is what is more remarkable and quite possibly the miracle. Our country took a chance and brought them home to be treated so we might learn from them and their illness. Guess what???? Our medical community did! It means quite possibly we can go over to Africa and other countries and make an even bigger impact on saving lives.
So all news, I suppose is not bad!
I did get one good laugh at a headline. It was about stiff competition at a cemetery in Paris. It was how tour guides get paid for taking folks on a tour of a famous cemetery that has poets (think Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison types) buried in it. I suppose I am not planning on doing any competing on dying anytime soon, but I do like a good story about history and there is no better place to get it from. I guess I better go back and unfold that darn newspaper one more time.