Empty Chair

My heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t him.  Yeah. The rugged jeep passing me looked just like my son’s car. 

My son is away out of state to  college.  Nonetheless, I thought of him in that jeep. An empty chair at a restaurant reminds me of him too.  I thank God though I have learned to release my sons to their own lives. 

Release them to what? Good question. I realized it was time for me after two decades to make a life for myself again. Maybe, I released them to be who they are to be. Yeah. To be. 

I take a breath.  As my face races faster, it becomes apparent to me I have moved on.  Don’t get me wrong. I love, love, love my grown sons, but I needed me time.  OMG-to go out , talk with another one of the opposite sex and just living. Yeah . Living.  Thank God- it has been so good. 

Actually,  It’s been amazing. I want to scream and shout and let it all out to share. But, I realized I do not need to. Love blogging, but I am finally coming to myself and it feels cathartic.  It’s true life after 50is not too late to find one’s self and getting things out of life that are making me so happy.  Ah yeah. Really happy . 

Music listening, long walks, being me for the first time in years. Released. Finally. That empty chair is ok these days.  

Haven’t focused the blog on me lately . I hope your ok with the changes as I enjoy my photography and share more of that with you these days.  Know this as many of you followed my personal journey- my life is going in a cool direction…Time can heal . New people in one’s life can also give refreshing new perspective. Old friends bring reassurance it is ok to change too.  

Coffee time

Nuremberg : The heart of the city



(photo above courtesy of my collections of postcards from about 15 years ago.)

Can a building really mean so much?  The heart of a city is a big shoe to fill.  The feelings are certainly there when you walk through St. Sebald which is the oldest parish church in Nuremberg, Germany.

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It is not fair



A view of Nuremberg, Germany from inside its castle walls is where I am beginning this post.  Hi Guys!  I know long time no write !  I have been busy.  I went on a long overdue trip.  And I must say it is not fair to have family so far away.  Time goes by so fast before you realize life led in my past is only found by tracing those steps backwards.

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I Wish I had A Tractor

IMG_0271.JPGI wish I had a tractor 2 weeks ago when I decided to drag my family out to the old Jenkins Cemetery in Caldwell county,  Kentucky.  Many of you may not know, but my most popular post was on finding a haunted cemetery.  It has been a top 10 google search especially during halloween.  Go check it out: The Haunting .

However, if you want to come on this adventure just keep reading.

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