I Am Very Curious

I am a very curious individual, but it does not seem enough.  Let me give you an example.  Last week I was in a not so nice side of town needing gas so I stopped.

Here is me – a typical woman well-not really pumping gas.  Next to the curb is a  woman dressed scantily with a low-cut blouse with a hollow between her breasts that could make the Grand Canyon not seem deep enough.  I swear she had no underwear on, but I was not about to go look.  She was holding onto tightly what looked like two boxes of girl scout cookies.  Let me interject now.  I do not think she was selling those.

Life is not always as beautiful as this photo.

Life is not always as beautiful as this photo.

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Walking through my neighborhood, I was listening to Elvis on my I Pod.  I have always enjoyed his voluptuous voice.  It reminds me of why I love his music so much.  It is moody.  It is mindful.  It is full of life.  His voice is heard.  There are many ways to express our voice. Sign language is a great example.

This lady was belting it out with her hands as we listened to the B52's last night.

This lady was belting it out with her hands as we listened to the B52’s last night.


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Taking It Deeper


Mother would sew all our clothes.  Some of you could relate.  She would never waste one piece of fabric.

While growing up in my youth on Hawaii, I found coconut trees to be interesting plants.  Each year coconut trees and their parts are utilized in one form or fashion producing all kinds of products.  Not much is wasted from this Palm tree.

What’s up with our society today that wants to waste everything in sight? It is just a shame.  Taking it deeper, I am reminded that we are to be good stewards of our planet.  

As a youth, we had a coconut tree .  I was just like a monkey and would climb it.   It was because of a double dare from play ground friends. I was tough!

More toughness is needed to keep nature the way it is. I am not surprised when I see with my very own eyes that we are not good stewards of our environment.  We all have a  part to play. 

I am fortunate I can sit here and write these words. It is a blessing that after decades of working, I am able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.  Taking it deeper, I realize I need to do my part in keeping our beauty the way it is. I have joined organizations to do a small contribution.  What else can we do?  I would love hearing from my readers how they  see the world around them. 

I guess I may be off climbing another palm tree soon.. What about you?  Or may be taking a drive around the next bend to give one perspective..I don’t have to drive too far for that..

Photo by Alesiablogs – Chuckanut Drive, WA

Behind Closed Doors

  I have a great view out my upstairs bedroom window.  My bed faces it and with no curtains, I awake to an unobstructed scenic tree filled visual.  It’s how I begin my day.
Many of us think visually.  I would like to think I am a word person.  Yet, each morning I bask in that morning glory. In fact, visual sequences in my day will typically fill my mind with words. It is my job to get those words written down.

Recently with all the summer activities, my writing has turned a back seat.  It certainly is not forgotten.  I love daily writing as well as writing that may come slower as it is for me in the season I am in at present .

The other day I was enjoying a conversation with my cousin.  She reminded me of how we are all intertwined with each other. Each of us bring value to each other.  There is no one better than anyone else or less.  We are all on this journey together. 

Singularly I am crossing into new paths.  Those paths are no different than anyone else’s yet they are unique to myself.

Writing, therefore, brings me such joy yet I am always looking visually for that new inspiration.  Behind closed doors does not mean you are at your keyboard alone without some kind of inspiration. Although I know those kind of writers. I hate you by the way!!!

Many of you write with such amazing clarity. I know I was not meant to be that one of writer.  The ultimate endgame for me is to make it all make sense at the end. My sense may not mean your sense. That bears being repeated, but why insult your intelligence? 

If you think you know me , guess again. I may have one more story up my sleeve to make you wonder..

What is your inspiration?   I have been on a weight loss journey so I am sure I will be talking more about that in the upcoming posts along with my photography.  I was asked to photograph a local Seattle band called The Whiskey Barrel Band. What an honor that experience turned out to be. 

 The Whiskey Barrel Band 


Alesiablogs hits 35 lbs lost. Stay tuned to see what she does next!  I am thinking of hiking some mountains in the area! Now that would make some amazing photography..

VW Retro Love

VW Love:  I Can't Get Enough!

VW Love: I Can’t Get Enough!

Living it up in Childlike ways

Remembering my youth that was such a maze.

I wonder about where that VW Van could be.  Maybe on a

California beach with lovers  enjoying the sun coming down for them to see.

No other way do I want to think about my VW Van. It grew up and I wish it happiness and bliss in its

old age.  After all it is just a number you see.  1969… Oh What a year it would be…..

My Life Sucks

I resembled that remark a couple of years ago. My life did suck.  I was circling the drain like nobody’s’ business.

Going through the brush, but staying on the path had become my motto.

Going through the brush, but staying on the path has become my motto. My son forges ahead of me.

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