Getting Close

Getting close to a bird seemed impossible to me before I started feeding them in my backyard.  However to my exhilaration, this Pine Siskin allowed me to be in touching distance.  Our eyes met after taking a few shots.  I had to put the camera down as the moment was special.

She was deep inside my feeder sitting on top of open bird seed.  She reminded me of how some of us are easy going and friendly. Conversely, there are those of the opposite nature who hold back.  I wrote  about this subject in another post a year ago about keeping people at arm’s length, but this bird brought that subject back to life for me.

Why are we so afraid to let loose our guard  and meet new people?  What does it take to break those walls down?  The bird and I  enjoyed a few moments in time to be in a freeing state.   She let her guard down.  Perhaps it was because she knew I was the hand that fed her.  I do not know. I am sure she has seen me in my garden.  However, no other bird has allowed me to get this close.  I could physically touch her if I wanted to.

It reminded me so much of humanity and life.  How many times do we indeed keep our distance in order to not get harmed?

Many times baby birds do get taken care of by humans, but she was full-grown.  She opened me into her world even if for a moment in nature.  Perhaps it was her way to thank me for feeding her and giving her shelter.

As I slowing brought my hand up to her,  she flew away.  How often do we as humans just when we are about to allow someone to get close,  we flee the scene as fast as we arrived?  Friendship thus never has time to blossom.  Humanity has so much to learn about acceptance and love.

I am reminded of a time not so long ago, my brain was in overdrive to relearn to walk and talk..  My special case of having a brain tumor showcased its role in the precious human experience of  identity and of feeling warmth toward others.   Much repair was needed for me.

Healing can be a very slow process, but the rewards are so great when it does happen.  Our brain is like an engine–so extraordinary.  Nothing illuminates the brain’s function more than looking in the mirror and identifying  how much we are loved and how much we can love when we allow it.





Utilizing Photography To Create A Memory or Blog Post

Today was a great day for shooting some wildlife photography.  Witnessing nature on a beautiful spring day in Seattle is not only memorable for me, but also makes the creative juices flow.

Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland, WA was my choice for a photo shoot.   Along their nature trails, many memories of this park consume my thinking.  Lost in the scenery, memories of a time come  up of a dear friend who walked often with me here.   She died 9 months ago so it was especially poignant sensing her with me along the trails.  We would always talk about the particular bird or duck we would see.

Since photography has a way of creating a memory just by its very nature, I thought how interesting would it be for a blogger to also utilize a photo shoot to write a post about either the subjects that may have photographed or even perhaps take the photos to create one’s own fictional story  that may have been brought up in the blogger’s mind.One particular blogger Iknow shoots so many nature photos that she does not feel all her pictures make a memory for her.  I can understand that.  I also talked with another blogger who is photographing Rotterdam’s futuristic new architecture for his viewers.  He wants to create a story through those photos, but he is experiencing some writer’s block.

For me, today was important to stress the paradise of this park and all its birds that can be viewed.  I am able to create a memory through this photo shoot because I feel something deeper than I can express as I enjoy what all earth’s gifts give to us.

For me I was reminded also of the great late Jim Croce’s song and these lyrics of photographs and memories:

“Photographs and memories
Christmas cards you sent to me
All that I have are these to remember you
Memories that come at night
Take me to another time
Back to a happier day, when I called you mine.”
Perhaps another blogger can take photos like I have here and make a beautiful story with it.  I know the creatures would love to know they are being written about.  They are important to God so they better be important to us.




Dripping Wet

It may have been ill-advised, but there was no stopping me.  I had it all planned out.  My eyes were dripping wet tears,  but so was the sky.  No worries.  They were tears of joy after having 5 MRI’s over almost a 5 year period on my brain, and I was still tumor-free.

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Writing My Blog And Finding Perspective

The bird was so still. Perhaps when we are slow down and take a moment to reflect our best writing comes forth.

The bird was so still. Perhaps when we slow down and take a moment to reflect our best writing comes forth.

Sitting down at my desk and writing does not always come easy.  I wake up in the middle of a night and a thought processes through.  Keeping a journal near by, I will pen it.  If I am lucky, the thought will not be lost to a world of dreams.

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Caring Too Much

Caring too much the bird stands guard alone.  Looking out for her own, she puts  herself out as easy prey. Do we humans do the same?   

Caring too much can bring death, but it should not.

     Loving, living , and being –may the bird show us the way. 


Today was a great day to explore another wonderful park here in the greater Seattle area.  This one is called Bothell Landing.   I took my sons to this park all the time while they were growing up. Luke who has autism as many of you know was doing particularly good today:




Building A Social Network

courtesy of google

courtesy of google

Today I am putting on my Registered Nursing hat for this post.  Watch out!

Building a social network is healthy.  Research has indicated a correlation with happiness and friendship.   How do we define social network in the climate of today’s world of technology?

Yesterday was my birthday and technology played a big part in my celebration!    For example, my face book page was being blown up with birthday wishes.  It was an amazing sign of affection and I really felt like each happy birthday from my friends was genuine.  Even if sparked by an application reminding them of my special day.

Face it. We all need to be reminded of events and face book has this down to a fine art.  I have studied for decades the idea of what makes for a good life.  I have done this by looking at goals, people’s’ stories, and the meaning of life in many forms and fashion.  The underlying approach I have seen with specific friends range from one extreme to another.

What I have mastered ( or I think I have ) is to bend and be flexible in real life with people I desire to cultivate friendships with.  This does look different with each individual.  For example,  I have a friend that lives by a stop watch on her phone so that every aspect of her life is dictated by a bell that goes off on it.  This is not my style, but I appreciate it because it is her way and I value her friendship.

Building social networks equates to social  relationships  that are proven time and time again to keep a person healthy.  Loneliness is even linked to early death. In other words, being connected to others is crucial to survival.

Social support is feedback we all need.   It affirms  and makes us feel loved.  I felt the love yesterday on Face book.  I would not have said that a couple of years ago when I found myself posting opinionated comments. When I resolved to keep my opinions only on my blog, my world changed.  It was for the better.

Support from others is vital, but giving it is as much a part of the equation.  Helping others may actually decrease the stress in your own life.  It sure has mine.  Mutual obligation is good.

There is so much to this life.  We can make it better by choosing healthy!  However, do not be too hard on yourself as we all will make mistakes along the path before us.  Some of us have just had it a lot harder.  No one said this life would be fair.

Which path to walk is our choice,  but do not go it alone.

Which path to walk is our choice, but do not go it alone.

Resources for this post: My brain as she smiles. (Thanks to a lot of good professors that came into my life).