Not So Cupid

Does anyone have experience with dating sites asked the little birdie? I am three days into it and I have an abundance of potential candidates in the online dating world.  I am pretty sure Taylor Swift was right. Boys only want love if its torture but the truth is all I really see so far are Blank Spaces!  I believe I will give the site a couple of days more and delete my account.  The site is just wearing me down!

Quotes from my potential candidates who are “whining” and not yet dining me, but have me falling off my chair in hysterical laughter mode:

1.  Hello Gorgeous,
Wow…. I am certainly speechless…. What manner of beauty bestowed on one person. You must have been created on God’s resting day. How are you doing today ?Hope to hear from you soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2.  Thank you so much for getting back to me …..I most comment you are so very beautiful and you have a nice smile …..and i will like to get to know you more.

3.  Hello sunshine, I know you probably hear this all the time but you have the most beautiful face and smile I’ve seen in a while, How’s your day going?

4.  hello pretty, do you care to chat with me?

5.  hope you had an awesome weekend.
don’t mind getting to know you, what did you have for dinner?

6.  Good, do you like kissing in public too! ?

7.  hello gorgeous , am new to this online things so please
bear with me
am interested in getting to know more about you. 

8.  Hello sunshine, I know you probably hear this all the time but you have the most beautiful face and smile I’ve seen in a while, How’s your day going?

9.  WOW!! I know you must hear this all the time but i must confess you have such a beautiful smile, i would really love to know you better as friends if that’s ok with you. will be online waiting for your reply….🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹

10. i got an email 💌 from Okcupid stating that your profile came up as a Match!! Then i came on, viewed it and wow!! as i said you have the most beautiful 💗💖smile💗💖 i have ever seen 💋 i just had to send you a message. I would really love…. (left blank)….

11. Hey How are you doing..? Have anybody told you how beautiful you are before…? if so, can you tell me where you got this your Beautiful face from..?

12. Dear the very reason I am interested in establishing a friendship with you is because I feel I have alot to offer you….

 13.  Give me the chance to love you and get to know you and you will never regret.

Kisses and hugs for you.

I think if this keeps up I may be kissing a lot of toads.  No wonder I rather be in nature taking photos of my little birds.  They just seem so harmless.  Now that I think about it.  These guys are really harmless too especially if I don’t text them back.

(PS: There is this Colonel in the Air Force I might check out after all….  Oh wait how about the guy from a leading TV news site I recognized…or maybe just go with the guy who wants me to travel the world with him. ) …. I wonder if all this is a game?  Taylor Swift I am breathless just like you except mine is from deleting all the bullshit.




Birding Around

Thank you to my classmate and ornithologist  Dr. Jeff Harris  for his input to this post:

Birding is a strange activity.  There are some who consider it a highly competitive sport.  For example,  who will see the most species in one place for a year.  Some ornithologists think this is a negative way to look at birding.  To them , birding is a way to get out in nature and find critters they love.

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Sitting in the doctor’s office ,  I felt numb explaining my physical pain as it has been told over and over.  Waiting for someone to give me answers.  How can I continue to fight this battle?  Marijuana really?   I left his office knowing I would try it, but I really knew I was trapped and chained with that old belief it was wrong to take this recreational drug for my discomfort.

Funny, I did not feel bad about taking it anymore.  I was ready.  I contemplated in my mind the first time.  Would I feel young again? Can the physical pain go away once and for all?   Would the voices in my head go away that rob me of my self – esteem?   Stop it mind!  Stop criticizing me and saying you are worthless. Pump your chest out girl and show some attitude!

Showing his attitude don't you think?

Showing his attitude don’t you think?

Staying strong was something I had become good at.  Or at least the perception was there.  Feeling weak in spirit and physically had taken its toll.  So it was time to say to self, “Please stand up!”  Do what you need to do.

So I did.  No not that.  I called my regular doctor and made another appointment.  He was all for me going on weed.  Except one big problem.  He is not allowed to prescribe it.  What did he do then?    He increased my other meds.

Can a expert please help me with my garden?

Can a expert please help me with my garden?

Time for thinking.  I went out to my garden. Yes.  That’s right.  It is not a great garden, but its mine.  It is where I feel the most at peace.   Self-talk while weeding seemed in store for me.  This is a different weeding just to make my readers clear  (insert smile).

For two hours, I thought about many things especially realizing that I know so many going through something just as myself.  We are all just working toward our own goals in different ways.  My wings were beginning to spread.  I could feel it with each weed pulled.  Captured in the moment, words flowed about what I am looking for in this life:   Breathtaking Clarity, Authenticity,  Connection,  Enlightenment….Pain-free existence.

Many weeds got pulled,  but not all of them.  I realized no way I could get rid of them all.  I cleaned my garden up enough though that I thought the other plants could breath better. Isn’t that what we all need to do in our own lives?  Weeding or doing weed.  Both are good.  Attitude adjustment accomplished.

Dude-you sure sportin' an attitude.

Dude-you sure sportin’ an attitude.


Underground Seattle FIRE Destroys A Million Rats!

Spring is here and the tourists will be flocking soon to Seattle, WA.  Once in a while I get asked what are some things that are fun to do in my city?  I usually give many suggestions, but one I had never given was one I finally toured myself! Please note all photos were taken by my friend Donna.  She shared these photos so we could collaborate on sharing this post.

The Underground Tour makes its home in the streets below our oldest neighborhood in Seattle called Pioneer Square.

The Underground Tour makes its home in the streets below our oldest neighborhood in Seattle called Pioneer Square.

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Peeling Away The Facade

What if you can be lifted up and the sky would not fall on your head?  How about if you found someone who can keep you safe and sound?  It sounds too good to be true and reminds me of adolescent love.   At its core young love is relate-able to all of us.



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Life Interrupted

Vacations help interrupt normal life.  In my case normal life is not so normal with an autistic son.  After spending a few days away  to rejuvenate, I felt a loss of insurmountable proportions on many levels upon returning home.

Abnormalities of life lead me to write.  The intensity of loss needs expressing knowing that hope is around the corner.  The last day of my “getaway trip” brought this on me.  Our emotions in spoken word are not always pretty like this picture.   Are they?  You tell me:

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