Famous Figures in my genealogy lines! Say What!

In my last blog installment, I mentioned I would divulge our famous ancestors.  The time has come for me to “spit” it out.   I must explain for those that may be reading this for the first time,  my husband conducted a research test on his DNA by offering a spit sacrifice to www.23andme.com  .  This organization is on the cutting edge of discovery for research that possibly will lead to new  cures for some of the most debilitating diseases in our lifetime including  Parkinsons and Diabetes.

Now to our famous ancestors.  The study’s results were surprising and remarkable that included  four famous people.  But before I spill the beans, I wanted to give you more information on my husband’s other haplogroup.  In my last installment, I mentioned his maternal haplogroup H13a1a1a.  The paternal (father’s side) haplogroup is R1b1b2a1.  Again for further clarification, a haplogroup is defined in general terms as being that part of the family tree of life one arises from.  I also discovered that my husband’s lines are 100% European. Also it must be noted  the haplogroup R is a widespread branch of  human life origins of the Y chromosome.  Y of course for those non- scientifically minded is the male side.  The R’s of the world seemed to appeared first in Southwest Asia and moved across  Eurasia.  I must admit this does not say much as Eurasia (Europe and Asia combined-how cute a  name by some doctor of geography) holds 73% of the population.  However the R1 group in this catagory can be traced back to farmers 10,000 years ago that shaped Europe.  It also belongs to those subgroups such as the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. In specific terms, R1b1b2a1 can be found in our current areas of Germany, Netherlands, and parts of the North Sea area close to England.

It is amazing to discover one’s roots as I hope you can see in this information.  It is also important to note how we all rose to prominance one way or another.  There are four folks that rose with my husband’s line to famous stature that may amaze you…..The names given to us are Napoleon, Prince Philip, Luke the Evangelist, and possibly my favorite Susan Sarandon..Now that woman can act!

Stay tuned for my next installment.  Peace to all and may you enjoy alittle of life’s pleasures through my diverse photography from places I have been:

Cascades Mountains WA state

Long Beach, Long Island, NY

Mt. Rushmore

4 thoughts on “Famous Figures in my genealogy lines! Say What!

  1. Donna

    Now how cool is that! 🙂 I just love these blogs and can’t wait to read your next one! (Maybe Susan S will happen on this too)


  2. Amanda Grantland

    just discovered your blog, I was doing some research to find out about my great grandfather, who you are apparently related to and filled out the info on findagrave.com. Rufus S Sheffer, Married to Lottie Mae Jenkins. They are the parents of my grandma, Gladys Irene Sheffer Day. Would love to hear what you know of about our common family! Wonder if any of those famous folks are in our side? How cool!


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Amanda, I realized I never responded to you on the blog. I know you are following the facebook info. about our descendants. If my memory serves me right, your family also started out in Caldwell County, KY and moved to Henderson County, Ky. I have now begun a thorough research on the Jenkins line from when the first Jenkins came over from England., etc. In other words our Jenkins go back to colonial times. There is a lot of research out there and some of it is good, but in all likelihood we will never have all the answers, but we are so much closer because of the internet!



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