NapbloPoMo Rocks for Linus

Thank you readers so much for acknowledging my dog and the Gift he has been to this broken woman in my earlier post. Enjoy a few more great shots of him as he is quite handsome!

20121114-210349.jpg  This is Linus after smoking some weed.

20121114-210440.jpg This is Linus after smoking some weed.

20121114-210530.jpgThis is Linus after smoking some weed.

20121114-210554.jpgThis is Linus asking for more weed.


And that concludes another set of great photos I took of Linus here in Seattle where we make our HOME! FROM your friends,

Snoopy, Linus, and Alesia

9 thoughts on “NapbloPoMo Rocks for Linus

  1. Laila Kacher

    Great pictures of Linus. He is quite the companion and a cutie. Its so awesome the unconditional love an animal can give us. If only this world could learn to master the art of giving unconditional love to one another! What a better world it would be:)


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      thank you for reading and looking at the photos…Linus is so funny isn’t he. You can sign up for the blog by putting in your email and you will get to read my writings.. I just put a christmas box in the mail for you all. : ) It is going to Oma’s house so you don’t open it too early. haha


  2. Donna

    Gotta love that Linus! Just like your Linus, all of our “boys” are part of our family too. They know the right thing to do at the right time 🙂 And I love the snow falling on your blog 🙂


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