One year ago I stopped wearing a watch.  I have worn it only once during a plane trip. During the year, I realized how freeing it was to not be on a time schedule. I began to even lose the desire of  wanting to know the time.  Yet now I reach a year out of taking off the ole ticker and come to realize how fast time has gone by.  How can it all ready be Thanksgiving?  Yet here it is upon us.

Capturing the silhouette of leafless trees in my backyard brings on thoughts of Thanksgiving and Winter approaching very soon.

One of the advantages I found was that I was learning a new way of living in the moment.  I was not stopping to look down at what time it is.  My memories were extended to be longer memories as I was in no hurry.  This is especially good when you are sharing your time with a friend.  As I reminisce of my memory with another I am transformed.  My memory of that memory is deeper. To be free of my watch allows me to transfix myself on others.  It is good to be absorbed in the moment with another human being.

Another awesome experience I can trace back to my watchless hand experiences is that I like to capture time if you will with my camera.  I am more keen on the seasons and the earth around me.  I realize we are days away from the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  I take photos of reminders of the season and am glad that I have freezed time for myself.  I have made an image of my own history tonight for you to view on these photos.

As the evening progresses on, I see the Majesty of the time through my lens. I am thankful to have spent the day with my family and new friends I met today.

Looking to these images makes me smile.  It is a capture of the time, although it can never come back, that is now a memory instilled in my mind through a photograph.  I have learned probably the most valuable lesson of all this Thanksgiving Season.. It is not to worry about the future.  I can not explain it, but something inside me is changing.  It transcends understanding. It is beyond understanding.  It is in God’s Hands.

My chair represents to me with all the leaves gone not so much an isolated area anymore. Perhaps it is a reminder for us to not allow ourselves to become isolated from others. Leave enough time for others to make a difference.

Thank you to all my readers that have stuck around to read my various posts touching on all kinds of themes.  I have 75 of you reading which I call a MILESTONE and from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful.  I began 6 months ago writing and am so proud to belong to the WordPress community of writers.  This month I have bombarded you  more then usual as I became challenged with NaBloPoMo which inspired us all to write more this month.  I hope I have met the challenge with quality reading and imagery for you all to enjoy.  Until my next installment!


2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. celestialsilverbridge

    An thank you, I am knew to this but thought maybe getting things down out of my head would perhaps help. I enjoyed your post on time and the photos you captured, they were quite beautiful. It makes you stop and appreciate the little things.



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