Please Let Me Introduce You To Luke.

Luke is a handsome young man.  Luke is so friendly.  Luke is 19 years old and has autism.  Luke can be violent.  Luke has bipolar. Luke loves his mother.  Luke has hurt his mother physically.  Luke says he is sorry.   Luke loves disney movies.  Luke loves.  Luke’s mother is Alesia.

I hope I can write more about Luke. I have been asked to share of my almost 20 years of wisdom. However, it makes me cry to write about him.  He lives at home with me, my husband, and our youngest son Elijah.  I hope I can tell you stories about him soon.  This is a beginning. Photos taken mostly by me or my husband with a Sony Digital or Panasonic DMC-ZR1 unless otherwise noted:

Luke did not learn to walk until he was past three years old. Here I am taking him to one of his many therapy appointments. Besides Autism, he had Hypotonia.

Luke at school working with his speech therapist this day.

Luke at his special daycare program. He was kicked out for his behavior after a couple of years. You can’t tell from this photo!

Luke  on one of his last vacations he could take since being diagnosed with Bipolar. We flew to Hawaii on this trip. We hope to fly again, but we are always worried we will get kicked off!

Luke has carried this Alligator around with him for years. Thank God Toys R Us still makes them. Luke is getting his head rubbed by my husband. It soothes him.

Luke at his High School. He was in a contained learning center. Alittle over the shoulder action in this photo.

Good Times!

High School graduate photos we had taken by a very patient photographer named Tera!


28 thoughts on “Please Let Me Introduce You To Luke.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you Peggy. I have been trying to decide how to speak about him in terms of helping others who may have to deal with the school district, or the medical establishment. It is a zoo out there. Alesia : )

  1. Peggy Gilkey

    Alesia, I have two friends with children with autism and I know that is hard enough to deal with but then on top of that you have the bipolar issues to deal with. Luke is in my prayers and you and the rest of the family. He is a handsome young man!

  2. Donna

    I have said it before, and I say it again – you are an amazing woman! You have been through so many things and can still smile and laugh and enjoy life. Luke is a very blessed young man to have you chosen to be his mom. You, my friend, are an inspiration to me! And Luke is a very handsome young man! Hugs to all of you!

  3. Pam

    Not sure why but I don’t get the pictures! Luke is a very lucky young man. God placed him in just the right family, where he’d receive the unconditional love he so deserves. Prayers for your family!!!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I wish you got the photos! I will see if there is another way I can send you one via your email. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I have a cool one coming up later, but you might not be able to enjoy if you can not look at the photos! Sorry, Alesia

  4. Pam Niehoff


    Luke is certainly a very handsome fellow…..I heard from my sister one of your sons had autism, etc., but I did not realize he also had bipolar disorder. As a Mom, I can only imagine the emotions that surface sharing the difficulties you and your husband have experienced being challenged by these types of problems with Luke.

    If one lives long enough it seems we will experience some things that cannot be explained as to the whys….. and many of us have at least one loved one that may even fall between the cracks of an exact diagnosis mentally or emotionally. These kinds of things are very upsetting as it is very hard to love a person with various types of disabilities or problems that do not follow typical cause and effect behaviors….and that may react very adversely to our attempts to help.

    I think it is very brave of you to begin sharing things you have experienced with having a son with issues like Luke. I am quite sure your experiences will strike a chord with many people that are having a hard time with something of this sort. It is in sharing that you and your family’s story can reach others, pose some degree of healing and significance in purpose, or just to let someone else know they are not alone in their struggles. It is truly God’s love to care enough to express your own pain and difficulties, and at the same time reach out with compassion to others.

    Thank you, Alesia, for sharing your personal experiences with Luke even to this point. As you feel led to share further, who knows where it may lead? I am rather amazed, looking at the outside into the various challenges in you and your family’s lives, that you may not see how God is taking the broken dreams and plans that are common to all of us, and making something beautiful by using you to share so many experiences with others through this blog.

    Keep writing, Alesia, you are very talented and may not even realize the far reaching effects of sharing your unique journey in life….and it is not over yet!


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you for sharing. I think you need to start your own blog. You are a prolific writer yourself!
      I appreciate you hanging around and reading messages from my heart. Blessings,Alesia

      1. Pam Niehoff

        Hi Alesia!

        I so enjoy writing and had no idea how much until the last 5 years since my separation and divorce. I am learning that in my own pain is somewhat released by pouring out my thoughts and emotions to express myself to others who I know surely have similar cries of the heart! Isn’t it so universal that we all want to be understood? and to understand others, and share those thoughts? I think we all have ways in which we release and work out those emotions and feelings, for me it is in running/jogging and writing.

        I never really thought about writing before this time in my life, but lately several people suggested I have the knack for it and one person even told me he knew I would write a book one day….which has never occurred to me before. We will see….a prophetic statement is proven in time…or not.

        Either way, I am in school presently as an elderly student-ha ha, and one of my missions is to encourage others that they can obtain their goal to attend college even if it has been decades since they were in any sort of class. I am living proof! I am working on a Health Promotions Bachelor Degree at Appalachian State University, via distance program…..and my goal was to finish by the age of 53! Soooo…it is actually going to be at the age of 55, Lord providing! It’s ok because I am not sure what I am going to be when I grow up anyway!

        I loved all your others blogs too and read them in between my studies and computerwork for my job as I can! It is kind of a reprieve from the blah, blah stuff and I love your creativity. I even looked at all of your husband’s creations on his website-which were some creative ideas!

        Isn’t it so true that we realize our lives has different chapters to it as we age, and that we eventually need to embrace the impending changes that will come-expected and unexpected? It is sometimes smooth, and sometimes very difficult….but it is truly the case that change is one of the constants of life.

        I pray God blesses you and your family, and gives you comfort and direction for the days that unfold-wherever it may take you. With God, all things are possible, and we will never have a dull moment for very long!



    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I promise I will write about him. I have so many stories in my head that they are bound to get out soon or I will burst! Blessings! Alesia

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  7. janiceromney

    Keep sharing your story. You are inspiring. We have many challenges as mothers, I’ve certainly had mine. It helped me to write about my journey and that of my children from the horrific abuse we all experienced. I still have part of my heart sealed from the grief, guilt and emotional pain that runs deep from my son. He became a run-away at age 15, and heroin addict in his 20’s. It’s all in my new book just released this month. I send you my love and praise for your courage.

  8. Pierre Lagacé

    I read your comment about Can We Talk.
    I had to read Luke’s story.
    I was a teacher for 34 years.
    I know how hard it is for parents with children with Luke’s conditions in the school system.
    Sharing your experience with others will be a benefit for all.


  9. jalal michael sabbagh.

    I am pleased to meet Luke.Hope tomorrow will bring good news of a real cure for Autism .I appreciate your openness .Have a wonderful Christmas and delightful new year.


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