Long Island, NY: A Unique Perspective

In April of this year, I had the pleasure of visiting Long Beach, Long Island, NY. It was for a reunion with an old Army Buddy from my Desert Storm Days. WE had not seen each other for almost 25 years. It was a great feeling to see my friend and to her delight she could not wait for me to see her beautiful town that she resided in called Long Beach. She took such pride in showing me around and giving me the “grand tour” of the area. Neither of us thought that only 6 months later, the whole area would be devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Please enjoy these photos from my Panasonic DMC-ZR1.
May God Grant You Peace As You View My Photos Knowing God Repairs and Heals The Broken Hearted.

4 thoughts on “Long Island, NY: A Unique Perspective

  1. alesiablogs Post author

    I agree. This was a beautiful area. My friend said they will rebuild. This is what America is all about. WE rebuild and we do it in every facet of our lives. We do not forget though.


  2. Mrs. P

    It’s an odd feeling to have possession of a picture of a landmark before it’s destruction…eerily sad and precious at the same time.

    I have one of the World Trade Center, several days before she went down.



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