Christmas Goosebumps

A quiet birthday party for Luke and his very good friend that also has autism.

A quiet birthday party for Luke and his very good friend that also has autism.

Christmas Eve is our traditional candlelight service at our church. The crowds are always huge. I would say there was over 3000 people this year! Our son Luke who has autism loves this event. This year he had an extra special bonus. As we walked into church, we settled on a seat way in the back which was NOT where we wanted to be. Fortunately I saw some seats closer up that we got to. As we began listening to the Christmas music being sung, I looked behind me and saw a young man with his family. I then realized Luke was saying hi to him and becoming very overjoyed. I then realized the young man was from Luke’s vocational school! We had him over our house last year for Luke’s birthday party.
The service became a brand new experience as we had never seen them at our church before and Luke was just so excited that he started rocking his body back and forth especially forceful from excitement. My husband had to work extra hard to keep Luke calm, and he did for the most part. The only part that worried me was Luke’s overzealous raising of the candle that he had lit at the end of the service~! I could only see the whole church going down in a ball of flames due to an autistic boy’s JOY! I can report NO SPARKS went flying except the sparks in his eyes to see one of his best friends from school at church.
I thanked God quietly for allowing the service to be extra special for him. As we walked out, my other son said, “Mom did you plan that we would sit by them?” and to that I replied, “No, God did.” I think I needed this as much as Luke did. I have prayed to God many times for help and today I saw God’s working hand and I needed that. I am sure Luke is an ANGEL that the Lord has sent me.


16 thoughts on “Christmas Goosebumps

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      It was pretty cute. Luke is probably cognitively on the level of a four year old so when his big body gets excited usually everybody is aware of it! Thank you for reading! Alesia

  1. Kerry

    So cool! At the Highlands, we have a ministry called Highlands Haven, for kids and adults with special needs. Richard and I sat with them at our Birmingham campus (Grants Mill) for the Christmas service. So thankful that our church embraces these guys and loves on them. I am on the Haven team at our Montgomery Campus. Anyway, it was just cool to see them there enjoying the service. Warms my heart. 🙂 You go, Luke!!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you for reading Kerry. I always enjoy new followers so come on aboard if you like! You can read what you want and skip the rest, but I will be sharing alot about Luke. : ) Alesia

  2. Pam

    So awesome how God shows up and shows out in his own special timing that is always perfect! God makes no mistakes and he blessed just the right couple with a reminder of how through Luke’s eyes you’ll have a beautiful view of things for years to come!! Luke is definitely an angel sent specially to bless this earth. Love ya!

  3. Laila Kacher

    That was really neat to read. So happy that God answered your prayer and blessed Luke with a special Christmas Eve!


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