DOG TREATSOverwhelmed does not come close to my thankful spirit after all of your well wishes in regards to not only my dog’s health, but also for myself. I wanted to report that today Linus would not eat for me this morning. I was worried but later decided to try a different strategy. I fed him one piece at a time very slowly and then finally I put some dog food in his bowl and he got up. I am really pushing the food and giving him his Christmas treats in a more abundant amount than I would usually do. I hope he can gain 10 percent of the weight he has lost. Thank you everyone for your support!
One thing for sure that can be learned about going through tough times is to be resilient. You know the person who gets knocked down and than learns to get up even stronger than before. Please forgive me if I tell you that I am not as strong as I once was. Yet what I will say —I was able to gain empowerment from you all. I would see a comment from one of you and it would be just what I needed to hear. God to me works through people.
Another interesting moment I had two nights ago was my neighbor who is Russian knocking on my door crying. She needs to have a serious surgery and she knew that I am a nurse. To tell you the truth after living in my cul de sac for 10 years, I had very rarely spoken to her as she is very private. Tonight was different and I was able to comfort her. I spoke with her at length on what to expect and gave her a hug and also cried with her. I also encouraged her that she will be fine. It was just a couple of days ago I talked about being kind to a neighbor ( ) and here I was doing just that. I thank God for that opportunity. It feels good to help another. When we help others, we are entertaining angels I have been told. Just maybe some of you were doing that for me with your comments. One other thing I am humbled yet again to have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you to ( )and soon I will fulfill my obligation with that award.

10 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. Donna

    God speaks to me through you so many times. I hope that Linus starts to pick back up his weight soon. I have done the same thing with Sampson with the hand feeding. I found that sometimes he just doesn’t want to eat what we have bought. I have been known to flavor it with a little chicken broth and wow! he devours the food! (maybe not vet recommended but when you get to be as old as our dear pets – they deserve a little extra spoiling!) As always… you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are an amazing woman and friend


  2. pishnguyen

    I hope that Linus continues to eat and is able to gain back a good bit of the weight he has lost. With Springers, I think they sometimes get emotionally down in the dumps — more so than other dogs — and it can be hard to coax them back. I think you’re on the right road, though. I remember doing the same thing for Tex when he was ill in his older years: sitting on the floor next to his dish, his head in my lap, and feeding him bits of food from my hand. I am sure that having you so near and feeling how much you love him will help Linus so much.

    The story about your neighbor is wonderful. It sounds like it was such a positive and loving experience. Thank you for sharing it. And congrats on your well-deserved Beautiful Blogger Award nomination!



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