A photo I took a few years back of my husband and son number 2 which proves my unspoken theory MEN never grow up.

A photo I took a few years back of my husband and son number 2 which proves my unspoken theory MEN never grow up.

After a serious blog post yesterday, it is back to my usual rantings and this one is about MEN:
I live with my husband, two sons, and a boy dog. My sons and dog are teenagers. Seriously they are 19, 15, and 13 years old. I have not lived with a woman in almost 30 years. Therefore, my childhood did not prepare me for the onslaught of manliness. I grew up with only a sister. Now she was a force to be reckoned with, but she pales in consideration of the enormous amount of testosterone that has invaded every room in my home. For example, there seems to be an aversion to bathroom and kitchen etiquette. So simple a task is all I ask of them. My female mind can not wrap itself around the fact that anyone would not think about the other person coming after them:
Should I go on? The other amazing thing about my husband and sons are that they are all 5 foot 7 inches! However, their asses are of all variety of sizes. Hence , my dilemma in sorting out their underwear. Putting the appropriate ones with the assigned dresser drawer can be daunting! How dare they even bug me when they do not have the right ones and have to look in another’s drawers? Well I guess you can call that the punishment I have rendered upon them for the naked toilet and paper towel holders!
The latest craze that I am getting miffed about is that no male species in our home wants to flush the toilet. I just have one question for you guys out there? Is there some kind of water shortage that I am not privy too? In all honesty, I love them all with every ounce of energy I have left in me that is after cleaning up after them!


59 thoughts on “MEN!

  1. Echo

    My sympathies. Until very recently I had multiple males across three generations living with me.. I now have a tidy bathroom, duly supplied with loo rolls and a distinct lack of black sock-fluff. Only Ani makes the place untidy… and occasionally eats the loo roll… but on the whole it is silent bliss 🙂

  2. Michael Bradley

    Sorry, we never do grow up. The teenage boys at least start showering and doing more personal hygiene when they grow interested in girls. Of course then, they use half a bottle of Axe spray because they think the commercials are true. If you want to modify their behavior, get their girlfriend to tell them that girls are attracted to guys with really clean rooms and toilets. As for the husband, no hope at all. For underwear, get a set of permanent markers. Each guy picks a color, blue, red, green, etc. Put a dot on each label.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      MEN! What can I say! We had a heart to heart talk today about that issue thus I had to give you guys the “scoop” as I love sharing about funny things to just lighten the

  3. Carl D'Agostino

    Most men have a dimension that will always remain 16 years old. When that part dies or evaporates we may still be breathing but we are no longer truly alive. But that is no excuse for being insensitive or sloppy.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Ahh! Thank you. I have to say for the most part my husband does a great job helping keep the house in order, but we women do have an issue with certain things that men never seem to get! lol I am sure you can think of a few things women do that annoy you…OH BOY..I can see an artist’s rendition on this coming up in the future!

  4. Mrs. P

    In defense of men…not all are made from the same cloth. Though they are rare, some don’t forget the little things…and big ones too. Mine actually puts the seat down, cleans the house, does the laundry and cooks too. How did I get so lucky? After five years I still have to pinch myself once in a while.

  5. pishnguyen

    Cleaning up after others can be frustrating and exhausting! I’m not sure if it helps much, but my hubby is one of those who forgets to put out new paper towels or toilet paper. Perhaps it’s a “man thing” … ?? >.O

  6. Donna

    All I can do is LOL!!!!! That was hilarious and I would share a funny story about my hubby if I didn’t think it would get me in trouble 😉

      1. Richard Leonard

        Strangely I see that sort of thing at work. Guys leave their drink bottles, coffee cups etc. beside the hand basins while they’re on the throne. There’s a time and a place… 😉

  7. pinklightsabre

    If their asses are all different sizes, shouldn’t it be easy to tell them apart? Or could they get a marker and put their names in there? We do that with our kids’ jackest. May work for your “kids” too 🙂

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      You are the second person to say that to me on this post! I requested my husband to do this and his answer was…#$^%$. just kidding. he just did not want markers on his underwear like he was a kid..haha..So now I just pile all the underwear in one place and he puts them up…HAHA

  8. Running Elk

    It’s all about toilet training. You haven’t been doing it right!
    You see, we are not only unobservant when leaving the smallest room, we are equally blind on entering said small space. It only takes a couple of incidents (involving a rather awkward “shuffle” across the room to find something suitable with which to wipe) that the hint of leaving the loo roll unfilled actually begins to sink in… 😉

  9. Roxanne

    Well at this point I can say teenage girls are not much better. They have an adversion to changing out toliet paper rolls, sometimes they flush the toliet, they also have an adverstion to putting up laundry or doing laundry. I finally got tired about 4 years ago doing the older two girls laundry. I would wash and fold and the only thing they had to do was put it up. I would find folded laundry in their dirty clothes. So really there isn’t a whole lot of difference between teenage boys and girls. Now my husband is good. He cleans, cooks, fixes things. I can’t complain. All I can say is I would die for my girls but UGH! Teenagers!

  10. metan

    I live with three males and the Man is the worst for not picking up after himself and making a mess everywhere! I have trained the kids pretty well and really, the Man makes them look good 😀

    P.S I often battle with the kids in the garden with lightsabres (and win) but the Man wouldn’t be seen doing it himself!

  11. travelgardeneat

    Living in my house of testosterone (with only one female even among the 5 four-legged occupants!), the following sign was a necessary purchase for my bathroom: Changing the toilet paper roll does not cause brain damage. ~ Kat

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  13. jalal michael sabbagh.

    Your home is your Kingdom,I hope you will set the rules.Excellent post.Thank you for visiting my weblog.Wishing you success.jalal

      1. dreamingforbetter

        I am glad to hear this.
        I already knew this. My Partner is similar.
        It was a fun blog.

        Thanks for seeing the fun side of this.
        All I was intending.

        Shaun x

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  15. barbtaub

    I accept that for victims of testosterone poisoning, placing a roll of paper atop the toilet constitutes ‘changing the roll’. However I passed (and enforced) a rule that any masculine side drips must be cleaned up by the last occupant. (This resulted in my son hanging outside the bathroom when his friends were over, threatening that they would have to clean if their aim wasn’t true…)

    I reinforced the concept of putting the seat down after use by writing in sharpie around the underside, ‘Flushed with pride to have a man around the house’. Then I charged offenders one solo kitchen cleanup every time they neglected to flush and lower the seat. Did get some funny looks from guests though…


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