My handsome son Luke when he took mom out for dinner!

My handsome son Luke when he took mom out for dinner!

I had to repost this blog with Luke in his vocational class as they tweeked it some so the other link was no longer available. I hope those of you who could not see it are able to with this link. WE have a wonderful public school district here trying very hard to work with our disabled citizens. As a parent of a typical developing young man as well as Luke I get the unique opportunity to see two worlds. I do not take either one for granted. We need the two to become more inclusive though as my heart knows if others see the world through the eyes of the special needs, I believe real progress could be made. OK folks enjoy your day and give lots of hugs to your loved ones as we have no guarantees in this life.

9 thoughts on “Luke

  1. Echo

    Lovely post. I could wish that more areas worked proactively with disabled youngsters, but we are making progress.
    I do agree with that last statement though. You can never say when that last chance might be, so treat each moment as precious. x


  2. Laila Kacher

    That was awesome for the young adults with disabilities. We certainly could use more organizations like that to help them learn to feel good about themselves and improve their lives.



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