Men Part II

It is once again time to bring up some “men” issues. It was not so long ago, men were my topic as duly noted here and believe me this woman made note of her men problems. Today is yet another time to bring the subject up. Here are my 5 tips to living with men:
1. Just let them have the damn remote control.
2. Make a specialty wall just for their baseball caps.
3. Let farting techniques become a contest in the home.
4. Give everyone their space ( this comes in handy during farting contests).
5. Let them know they are loved all the time.
Today was a “softie” list as I look at my family and can not believe the miracle I see in my home. My house would just be empty without the sound of my men.

12 thoughts on “Men Part II

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      John, Thank you. I remember praying before I married asking for only boys when I would become a mom. I thought is that selfish? I guess I just felt like I could be a good mom to boys and teach them life lessons worthy of them growing up to becoming good young men. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I sure hope Zeus stomach problems get under control.


  1. Bryana

    I love this post. I was such a girly girl (still am) and had 3 sisters so I always wanted a son. I’m so grateful for Brayden and I love the burping, farting, mud, dirt, smelly shoes, stinky socks…it’s wonderful! I LOVE having a son. Thanks for sharing about yours!


  2. Donna

    Love it! No truer words about the remote… we even got my hubby a new one that is all fancy for his birthday present this year…. and no one but him touches that remote LOL! And you are so right about letting them know you love them! Of course with 2 people “boys” and 3 more 4-legged “boys”, the testosterone far outweighs the estrogen in our home too 🙂


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      We have 2, but I find nothing worth watching to be honest with you most of the time..Hence giving up the remote for the “big” TV is easy enough….I read a ton though.



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