A Flowing Sound









Nature called me beckoned me today and I went. Come follow with me on my path:

A flowing waterfall
A tragic turn
A rushing sound
A blustery storm
A tranquil moment
A flowing sound
A crashing end
A peaceful flow
A flowing waterfall


29 thoughts on “A Flowing Sound

      1. alesiablogs Post author

        My son with autism also has bipolar. The poem depicts his erratic behavior especially with him on winter break! He goes back to school Monday! He needs his routine.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I love that place. I think I remember you telling me you and your girlfriend had been there…It is a great place to see. I was just looking at the photos and a crazy poem starting going through my head. When I was there walking around- I was scared by it yet I loved it too. When you look from above downward-all I could think of was falling off! It was a reminder also of my son’s life with autism and bipolar. The ups and downs! Thanks for reading kiddo! Alesia


    Your pictures are great ! If you hadn’t said anything, like, “I think the first one I actually took with my cell phone… !” I could swear you had been, or are, a professional photographer. Really great pictures. As you show above, the best things in life are always beautiful and free.

  2. Laura

    As I’m looking at these pictures once again I’m struck by how the subjects in the photo seem dwarfed by the enormity of the backdrop of the falls-it reminds me that no matter what my situation, if I pull back and gain perspective-there’s a larger God at work-bigger than whatever trial I’m facing.

  3. Rev. Eddie Tatro

    Very beautiful pictures! Looks very familiar to me then again in the words of Mr. Johnny Cash “I’ve been every where!” Looks like the mountains when I lived on the Olympic Peninsula.

    You my dear are being nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger 2013 award. Link back to this post for the rules and list of nominees: http://bishoptatro.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/im-a-very-inspiring-blogger/,
    including yourself!!! Keep blogging and thank you for sharing and for the
    support you have shown my blog. Keep the faith and God Bless!


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