Be Still On The Mountain

A Journey As No Other.
Winter Be Still On The Mountain.
The Vast Change In Scenery Bursts.
Contemplations Of Escape There Are None.
May Time Be Left For Us Though It May Be Too Late.
The End Has Come.
A Journey Like No Other.

PHOTOS BY ALESIA. A winter’s view before spring takes over. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Be Still On The Mountain

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I had read a post by a bird enthusiast who loves the birds during the winter and how she enjoys this season of the year. It made me think about the Mountains once again and old man winter. So I wrote a short poem if you will. Although I do not rhyme my poems mostly as some know how to so eloquently. : )


      1. alesiablogs Post author

        I love rhyme too, but I am dreadful at it. I can put in words something like this simply that has several meanings that are known unto me alone except the obvious to the reader studying the photos along with the words that I provide.


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