Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) spoke at an event I attended this week.

Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter) spoke at an event I attended this week.

We are broken. Yes. That’s right. Not one of us is free from emotional baggage either brought on by our own doings or afflicted upon us by others. How often are we rattled to our core? I must say I have had that kind of life yet I prayed for my release many times even if it was death.
A few nights ago I attended a special event where Ann Graham Lotz spoke to a large audience. Anne is the daughter of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham. She is considered for her generation one of the top 5 evangelists according to the New York Times. Funny thing is that at this event she said she is not an evangelist. Reverend Billy Graham called her the best preacher in the family. I thought that was pretty amazing coming from him.
Anne’s message was clear and masterful. She believes we are living in the end times and prefaced this with language I had heard many times before about the changing circumstances of humanity. She gave example after example of environmental and political reasons. It was interesting and her thoughts on life in our current culture seemed spot on to me.
As a fellow Christian I take heart in the simplicity of the evening. There was a lone man ( at the piano singing songs that pierced your heart. With each word of one song I paused to allow the fullness of its meaning. The song would draw you in with its deep calling. It would remind me of being at a dear friend’s house that you may have not seen for many years, yet you can resume that friendship right where you left off. A blog post about my experience with Anne Graham Lotz and  musician Fernando Ortego.
It is in living our lives vulnerable, we rediscover ourselves. I think that is why I love music so much. A song has a way of replenishing me. I can let my guard down. So as I seized the moment in a song, I thought of where my life has come from one restoration to another. It is not a one stop healing track. It is a continuum. If we are to capture the wonder of life, it is a rediscovery process. It is also about allowing people an opening into our lives from not merely knowing someone from the inside out, but the outside in.
After coming home from this special night, I decided to find out more about Anne. I noted in one article on the internet that her husband had been very ill a month ago with a deadly MRSA infection. She thought they might lose him. As I read this, it took me back to my year of horror with the same infection in my skull. The difference is I became extremely angry and resentful to God about this and honestly still have not completely overcome my negative emotions with my experience. Yet here was Anne able to come cross-country after watching her partner fight for his life. Let me just say that her circumstances restored me a little that night.
So today I am a little bit closer to being the best I can be. I await again for another restoration and can not wait for God to answer in an unexpected way. By the way–bloggers thanks for reading as this post was very religious in nature. I am many things, but the most important part of who I am is an ordinary girl telling her story in extraordinary fashion. That is why I started this blog after all.

17 thoughts on “Restorations

  1. Echo

    I know a lot of people get angry at God when disasters happen. Many people cannot understand how a loving God could allow the atrocities we see all around us daily in the world. My own partner could not understand that my own faith was only strengthened,simplified, by the attack on my son. I’m not sure that I do either.. but I think it has something to do with trusting in perfection. I think it is very similar to raising children, what is best for them is not always what they want or like, but years later they may understand or even thank you for it.I have a feeling life works that way for us if we meet it halfway and see the trials as opportunities to learn.
    But as always, I may be wrong πŸ™‚ x


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I actually think you are unto something. The story of Restoration is to know exactly what that Perfection IS! It is not me thus I reacted after many illnesses just finally giving in to the anger of why me? Why another illness? Can I just be done with it all? Perfection said no you are NOT done with it all.


      1. Echo

        You’ll have noticed I’m not precisely orthodox in many of my views πŸ™‚ Simply put, I believe that we carry a spark of the Divine into this world in order for the One to learn the lessons that can be learned through us, through many.. that we come from the One, carry It within us, returning to It, eventually. And It is perfect.

        If all of Creation is of God.. by whatever name we choose… then all IS perfect. We have free will to choose, and even if we choose wrong, that too is part of the perfection because we have that choice to make. The things that are appalling acts of inhumanity are not themselves in any way right, but can open the doors for many good things. War is never right, but it allows for so much human learning, for courage and compassion, an an understanding of the real value of peace… the possibility of growth is in everything somewhere.

        Our little lives are so small in comparison to the life of Creation itself.. when measured across the aeons, perhaps we come from perfection, live through It and return to It. That is how I feel it.


      2. alesiablogs Post author

        That is true. It took me a few days to ponder this post., but I knew I needed to write it. It is good for people to see this life is not without storms. I have had my share, but willing to find peace through them. We all can.


      3. alesiablogs Post author

        Thank you Sue. You have a gift yourself of being a restorer. I don’t say that lightly either. I base this on what I read that you write. It is deeply introspective. Your friend , Alesia


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