Come Now. Let’s Settle The Matter

LukeRemembrances of my past came with strong waves of emotion this week. It was as if an avalanche had hit me and I was buried alive. My son had lost his best friend and memories of this past year came crushing down. How many things does it take in my life to die before I will wake up? I was reminded of long ago of my dad’s death, then the loss of my precious childhood dog of 16 years, and more recently a truly beautiful friendship. How do we deal with life’s blows?
In the beginning of this year I began a study on renewing my life to those things that matter most. It hit me that as I saw the simpler things in life beginning to bless me, my heart was becoming wonderstruck. The wonder of nature brought me closer to God. The wonder of expectation opened doors for me. The wonder of prayer is rejuvenating me. Now this week the wonder of friendship is my focus. As I began this study a couple of months ago on the purpose of wonder, I invited five other women on this journey with me. We have been meeting every two weeks and opening our hearts to lead more intentional lives with each other and those around us.
Have you ever thought about how important relationships are in our lives? God made us to be in fellowship with each other for the good and the bad. In fact, friendships have been an important and integral part of my life. I realized how my son who lost his best friend through death has no choice but to move on without him. I have choices in my friendships. As this study began this week in the context of my life’s struggles, I could hear a calling in my heart–Come Now, Let Us Settle The Matter. Stop holding people at arm’s length.
The wonder of friendship and my study of it over the next two weeks I believe will be pivotal as I help my son and myself grow in this area. Reminding myself that no two friendships are the same is important. It is also vital to realize no two people are alike and we must accept people where they are at. If a friendship is not meant to go deeper than do not. Start adjusting your expectations and choose to love people right where they are at. Learning to love people unconditionally should be a pattern worth pursuing. It sure seems worth the effort.
One thing we can remember is that friendships do not happen over night. It takes time to cultivate just as a gardener plants her field, she must nurture it daily so how friendship must be also. I have a lot to learn from a gardener. Today though I wanted to share a few important thoughts on the human mind/soul/spirit that have begun growing in my heart and I hope it resonates with you today:
1. Be You.
2. Don’t Hide.
3. Be Honest.
4. Don’t Procrastinate.
5. Be Intentional.
6. Don’t lie.
7. Be Appreciative.
8. Don’t Do Nothing.
9. Be Alive.
As you think upon these ideas and especially the last one–No One gets out of this world alive so while you have a chance live your life on this earth to the fullest. Come Now, Let’s Settle The Matter and saturate those around you now with your friendship and love.


23 thoughts on “Come Now. Let’s Settle The Matter

  1. John

    Love the photo of you two, God bless you on your wonderful journey. There are things in this universe so far beyond our ability to comprehend… It’s fearful yet wonderful.


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you. We are all on this journey aren’t we? There is real purpose in life and we can learn lessons on this earth now , but we must open ourselves to allow bridges to be mended. I would like to think one day I did all I could to be what I was meant to be .


      1. John

        Agreed in full! I mended a bridge this morning by getting on my knee and apologizing to my wife for a bigmouth screw up yesterday. Me stupid. Bridge repaired.


      2. alesiablogs Post author

        Wow! That is awesome. I am glad you recognized your situation and remedied it! I hope to hear more stories like this through this blog post! Thank you for sharing!


  2. pishnguyen

    Such a beautiful, heartfelt, and heart-warming post. A wonderful reminder of why I feel happy each time I see a new post on your blog. I hope and pray that Luke can continue on without his dearly loved friend. And thank you for your thoughts, which are so relevant to my own life.


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you. Isaiah’s mom has encouraged us to come to viewing so we will see how it all goes. I think I do not give Luke enough credit at times. He is amazing and I know in time he will know Isaiah is in heaven and he will get to see him again . I believe that with all my heart. Alesia


  3. Jeff Nguyen

    Peace and prayers to you and to your son. My son has Tourettes, a neurological disorder (according to the DSM IV). Its a long journey but one day in the words of Van Morrison we’ll be “on the bright side of the road.”


  4. Kelly

    so true…how very often for different reasons and in different ways, we tend to keep people “at arms length”…and we were made for fellowship…right on Alesia.. this post has me doing some thinking about how busy my own life is, and how sometimes I forget take time for friends and family…


  5. Laura

    Excellent reminders!! I’m printing them out and making sure I stay true to keeping them! Thanks Alesia, thank you so much.


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