My journey over the past two years reminds me that life is full of variety. As I reflect on life’s travels, we know they can be emotional, tragic, comic, or perhaps a blend of them all. The unending thought in my mind is that the journey means nothing if we don’t share in it together. I realized for quite some time and after several folks in my life affirmed this with me that perhaps my writing could be of benefit to others. If it was not, I speculated it would be good for my family. The key is that we exist to provide an outlet to raise our shared consciousness. While you are reading , my hope is that you would take time to think over my experiences and come to a point in your life to delve deeper in your own.
One thought crossed my mind that what I write or have written about would remind you of yourself and relationships you have with your partner, children, friends, and any other person in your life. I am intentionally wanting to be thought-provoking even if at times it is bittersweet. Perhaps you may be even relieved you are reading about my life and not your own! Yes. That did cross my mind.
As a mother of a grown autistic son who is truly beautiful , I would not wish this life on another. Luke is the most amazing son a mother could ever ask for, but to watch his suffering at times is incalculable. Yesterday we took him to his best friend’s viewing and funeral who just so happened to be autistic too. Luke’s time saying goodbye to Isaiah was truly poetic as he knelt in the casket and whispered gently in his friend’s ear goodbye.
It was during the funeral that I thought Luke would not be able to hold it together, but he did. As we approached Isaiah’s mom, Luke spoke to his mom and said what little he knew to say, “Isaiah.” After a few seconds he than said to her, “Sad”. Isaiah’s mom quietly allowed Luke to speak and reminded him if Isaiah was here, he would want them to laugh. When she said that they both laughed loudly together. It was a moment of reprieve for a grieving mother and Isaiah’s best friend.
Today I thank Luke and Isaiah for showing the true meaning of friendship.








37 thoughts on “Journey

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you Sue. I am glad the day is behind us and we can move forward from here. Grieving has its place, but we must live in this world and make the best of it.

      1. Sue Vincent

        Hugs to YOU, Alesia. It must have been a heartbreaking day on so many counts. Mum’s don’t have it easy sometimes.. well, seldom, but that’s another story šŸ˜‰ x

  1. Pam

    I know that many were praying for both families yesterday. Every child is a gift, but unfortunately there are some that fail to see how priceless this gift really is. You have a gift in expressing how much you do recognize your children as they are, gifts! Your story was precious and I enjoy following your blogging! šŸ™‚

  2. Marlene

    Luke has wisdom beyond what we can even comprehend. When he said – Isaiah and Sad – – he wrapped all of the many words we want to say, into two. Luke will miss his best friend and it is hard on those that knew Isaiah to say goodbye, but Luke’s wisdom of “sad” said it all!!! I shed tears for a child i never knew, but more for your insight and the love of your sweet son!!! God Bless you ALL!!!!!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you for reading. As a nurse I saw My share of death and grieving family members. There were times I truly could sense the presence of a greater power. I had no doubt of that when I saw Isaiah. Alesia

  3. Jane Fritz

    I shared this with my husband. That Luke shared with Isaiah’s mother and she could respond so well was touching and emotional. So hard all around. So impressed with how you all handled it. You must be proud of Luke.

  4. alesiablogs Post author

    Luke was truly amazing. I just could not have imagined it to go as good as it did. Thank you for reading. Blogging has become a great place to share life with others.

  5. Laila Kacher

    Marlene said it beautifully about the simplicity of how Luke communicated his love and friendship towards his friend in just a few words, “Isaiah and Sad”. It brought tears to me eyes. Like you said Alesia, if the eyes could speak, you could write a book. Your love and compassion towards your son as his mother is amazing. God Bless you my friend.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      As a previous care giver of him, I am so appreciative of your words!! Much love and admiration for you! Maybe that book will get written.

  6. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    What a bittersweet lesson Luke had to learn. To have all the emotions of the joys they shared combined with all the sadness of those they won’t. I wonder if he really understood. I think you are right, “Perhaps you may be even relieved you are reading about my life and not your own!” I think your posts take us away from our own troubles and make us realize that all can be put in perspective. It is nice to have the wake up call sometimes, seeing the challenges and how others face them head on and with grace and dignity.


    Alesia, those are nice photos of Luke and Isaiah. May he rest in peace. I hoped the funeral service went OK for Luke, Peggy


  8. Donna

    What a wonderful and amazing young man you have! And you are such an inspiring mom. The love you have for your son – shines thru him as well šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing such a personal moment with us. Hugs and love to you all!

  9. A.M.B.

    How heartbreaking and inspiring, Alesia. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Luke’s best friend. I am at a loss for words right now.

  10. Kelly

    beautiful post…you have managed to capture the beautiful story of friendship in a story that was accurately described by Luke as “sad”…

  11. Sandy

    ~ what a beautiful goodbye from Luke. When most are at a loss for words, he expressed his with a word from his heart. Thank you for sharing the story of their friendship .


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