The state of being normal as defined by cuddling with my furry friend and breathing a bit slower this week. May we look at our animal friends today and thank them for their unconditional love. I don’t know about you, but when I spend time with my Linus- I laugh more!









22 thoughts on “Normalcy

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      He is a funny guy! That last photo was him telling us that there was a cookie drum under our son’s bed! Hum. So my dog ratted on his human brother for eating cookies in bed!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Oh don’t think Linus would have ate it! We just know that when he starts on a sniffing excursion and trying to climb under the bed—you know food is involved!

      1. Sue Vincent

        Ani will eat just about anything..especially if she is not supposed to. Though she never chews other people’s stuff. Except one of my ex’s shoes, oddly enough, which she seems to save for when she wants a really good old gnaw on something. Wonder why? 😉

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