Five Steps To Reading Blogs

Your blogger and her family thinking in the rain about my next blog post!

Your blogger and her family thinking in the rain about my next blog post!

Information is the cornerstone of life. We sometimes take it for granted. The necessity of information flowing seamlessly is sometimes lost as we go about our lives organizing and processing all the data that comes our way.
For myself I enjoy original insights. I am into learning something new and unusual. I get tired of the same old thing. There is nothing so cool as the innovation of information as we discover a new book or a new way of doing something. In fact the element of surprise is always exciting as we are discovering fresh information. Perhaps that is why I gravitate to blogs. Blogging brings originality to a whole new level. Typically the blogger is alone ( in my case) pondering her information to share and then putting it out there for others to enjoy. No one is making the blogger change her words. She is writing with a hipness she can call all her own.
Blogging has brought me new friends. For that I am grateful. I usually take my Mondays to read new material from many of you and ponder your thought processes. It is cool to be in your life-like this. The computer lifts me up and takes me on a rocket ride into each and every one of your homes. Bring it on I say.
This friendship I know is different from normal ones I have. I am sad to say I do not know most of you in real life. Yet I am glad to call you my friend. Recently if you have followed my writings, you know I was sharing on the wonder of friendship ( ) . I have been learning to revitalize and renew my close friendships. It is the same to a lesser degree in blogging friendships that I honor you by reading your blog. So I have thought about the steps of what it means to be a good friend to my close friends, but also our friends in cyberspace. Here are some steps to reconcile each of us to each other. These five steps to reading blogs will surely bring readers to your very own blog! I believe it. Here we go:
1. Think about ways I can reflect on my life through what I learn from you all. It may mean wrapping my mind around things I have never thought about before and even to the point of changing my point of view because I have learned something new.
2. Pay attention to what someone is saying. It is important to listen and show you are intentional. There is nothing worse than someone taking you for granted.
3. Affirm that person. This means with our friends show them grace and love. For my blogging buddies it is important as a blogger to show how important you all have been to my information intake now. I do not rely on just the news or media, but I am looking at the blogging world and saying, “We ROCK and we have good information to share with each other!”
4. Be at Peace and love what you are doing and read blogs that are good and what you want to read about. For your own writing–write what your passion is about. Life is too short to not. Take it from me. I have survived cancer and I am here to tell my story, but I am also hear to read yours. It is what drives me and motivates me to no end.
5. Last but not least is I PRAY for you guys as I PRAY for my close friends I know God has put in my life.


22 thoughts on “Five Steps To Reading Blogs

  1. Bryana

    You’ve definitely shown me the importance of writing from my heart. Early on, I wrote what I thought people wanted to read. It felt so forced and, while it was me, it wasn’t me. I’m much happier with the material I’ve written in the last month or so. But, that’s the beauty of blogging. You learn as you go and blogs grow with their authors. I love it!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      You made my day! Thank you. You know I really believe if you are wanting to write a blog-you better have passion about your subject. The reader can tell. I have really enjoyed seeing your blog blossom by the way. Alesia

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you . Definitely the best way to write. I think a good blog has informative and interesting insights , but if not written with an equal amount of heart- one can get lost in just words on a paper.

  2. Carl D'Agostino

    I PRAY for you guys as I PRAY for my close friends I know God has put in my life.

    Blog buddies are a unique form of friendship. I agree with the premise of this statement because such intimate conversations with some people could not be initiated by chance.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Yes. I agree wholeheartedly. I have been pondering how to share that with my blogging buddies. I have met folks from all walks of life, but I am a firm believer in prayer. I still would love WordPress to hold a conference for bloggers once a year. Can you imagine how quiet the halls would be? Everyone would be blogging! lol

  3. Genevieve Petrillo

    Blog friends are a special breed, for sure. And you said it absolutely perfectly – we rocket right into each others’ homes and share things and care about things that happen there. Good job acknowledging this!

  4. Donna

    Even though I am not a blogger myself – I love reading your posts. I feel connected to you – almost like we were sitting having coffee or tea together and not a country apart. I miss you deeply and cherish our friendship! You are always in my thoughts and prayers :0)

  5. patriciasands

    “I do not know most of you in real life. Yet I am glad to call you my friend.” Say no more. This to me is one of the great positives offered by the blogosphere and cancels the negatives.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      OH WOW..Thank you for the compliment on my boys! I haved aged from the illnesses I have had, but the boys keep me young..Hope you are doing good and staying conscious……thought you might like that one!

  6. gpcox

    Recently, I found myself saying to my readers – my friend has said this or something similar and it is actually a Follower of mine – you’re right – these people have become my friends and NOT Followers or Blogs I Follow. It’s great!!

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Spot on. I really like this post, Alesia. It’s down to earth. And yes, you’ve got to enjoy it… or don’t do it!


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