Throw And Tell!

This son turns 20 and I turn 50. My how time flys!

This son turns 20 and I turn 50. My how time flys!

Happy 50th Birthday gift to myself: Be True to Yourself….

Listening to Rod Stewart’s HOT LEGS on the radio, it reminded me of my friend that was sitting in the front row of one his concerts when the MAN kicked a soccer ball straight to him. Unknown to my friend, THAT ball was autographed by Rod. Rod was giving him a gift. What did my friend do? He kicked that damn ball right back at Rod! As my friend’s wife likes to say, “Rod’s face was dumbfounded, but my face was livid!”
I laugh just thinking about that incident. How many times when gifts are involved we think there is some kind of strange motive behind them? I can understand that because we live in such a, “You rub my back, I’ll rub your back society.” Receiving a gift with no strings attached is a feeling that some fear. People fear what they don’t know.
Listening to my inner voice, I have heard many strange tunes. I still close my eyes though. IT is my hope that the strongest pure sound prevails with breathtaking clarity. Recently I was asked why don’t I blog about my gift of understanding the things of my former occupation in the medical field? With all due respect, I am doing just that. Sharing what is in the inner works of our spirit is so much more important than any health condition. The spiritual heart needs fixing first. If it is disappointing to not always be receiving some profound word from this blogger-rest assured the truth of an ordinary life is what I am . There is nothing more. There is nothing less.
Happy Birthday to ME. 50 years is a long time. Let me celebrate who I am now. Not the identity of the past. Follow me in my newness and celebrate that which is happy. Baby comes as you are. I do.


29 thoughts on “Throw And Tell!

  1. Carl D'Agostino

    I did the 50 thing a while back. Hmmm. Make that quite a while back. Everyone’s circumstances are different but you will probably find 50 – 60 the best years of life esp in redesigning yourself based on decades of weathering and learning.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Ahhhh! You make it sound so exciting. I have high hopes! Hanging out with you all in cyberspace has been an extra bonus in my life since joining this last year!

  2. Liza Cabanday

    Happy 50th birthday my dearest friend, age is a a state of mind! You never changed, not one bit from the moment we met each other at work! Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Liza, you better look at me again. I do not see that young girl in the mirror any longer! And I am not even going to mention my brain! But you made me smile!!!!! thank you.

  3. st sahm

    Happy Golden Birthday! Hope you have blow out celebration(s)!
    Love that he kicked the ball back. How very polite – LOLZ.

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you. I am coming closer to finding my true self. I recently found out I am Jewish. What a revelation. I plan to talk more about this in future blog posts. I am mulling around about how I should write about it now. Alesia


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