My Forrest Gump Moment

forrest gump

Today I did not want to blog. My ongoing efforts to write seemed futile.

I grabbed my coffee though and came to the computer and thought about one of my favorite films Forrest Gump! What would Forrest do? Laughing out Loud–I thought-he would continue with the race and run until he was done.

I realized I am not quite done with blogging. I am purpose-driven and working on a goal. I have picked up a few new bloggers that have engaged with me about their lives and I am touched. The blogging is worth the effort I thought. It is helping in a way I did not know it could.

Today is a new day.

Ten years ago most commentary we would read would be one-sided. Your favorite news paper or magazine would run an article perhaps on some political subject that left you fuming. I mean you were pissed off. Today they are dying by the dozens.

Since then a little thing called a blog took over. It popularity soared. Blogging has perhaps become the watchdog for when other forms of media seem to be getting it wrong or missing alternative solutions.

This is what attracted me to it. If you’ve never realized that blogging has an extensive network of helpful links, you would be mistaken. The visibility of what we have is an experience like no other.

It is a wonder that so many that blog are actually writing about the very subject of blogging. I like that because it helps with perspective. So I continue my quest and wait for my Forrest Gump MOMENT. How about you? Can you explain to me what keeps you going on with your blogging?


13 thoughts on “My Forrest Gump Moment

  1. Genevieve Petrillo

    I blog whenever I have something to say. Sometimes I turn out one post a week, sometimes, two, and rarely three. I love touching base with my readers, and if something about Cupcake relates to something about writing, or something about writing relates to something about Cupcake, I share it. I always look forward to seeing what comes up in the comments.

  2. Jane Fritz

    Nice blog, Alesia. I asked myself that question after 9 months, at which time I learned that many bloggers stop at about the 9-month mark. Now I’m asking myself the same thing again. I would miss my blogging friends and their thoughts, but I DO spend more time blogging than is probably justifiable! I think I need to try to post less frequently. Maybe write more, post less?!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I really like hearing from you and reading your posts. I think I have built connections between a few special bloggers and you are definitely one of them. I appreciate what you are saying. It means a lot to me. I am glad you are still posting. I like the fact you are detailed and bring a lot of passion in what you are writing about. I want to write that book as I have talked about, but the blogging has fulfilled so much for me that the book is not as important to me right now. I have heard from other bloggers touched by different aspects of my life and how it encourages them. The thing is they are encouraging me even more!. Time will tell about the book!. Have a great weekend!

      1. Jane Fritz

        Thanks, Alesia. There is no doubt that you have some profound life experiences that need to be shared. Everyone has a story, but not everyone has several threads that illustrate so compellingly mankind’s ability to overcome adversity!

  3. John

    The left in America no longer have a monopoly in media, thank God. They can no longer totally snow us with lies and political correctness.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      It all blows me away at times. I have read some of the coolest blogs that puts things in perspective in a way much better than most media channels. I do not even want to watch TV anymore because I just do not want to have my head explode! Thx for reading.alesia


    “Can you explain to me what keeps you going on with your blogging?” Not that reading my “ABOUT ME” will be a life altering experience, but if you have the time, please read my “ABOUT ME” (it’s a short one compared some others I’ve read). I also write, put it on paper, so I can’t be interrupted as I speak my mind. I just want to say wants on my mind, without being interrupted. At parties, town hall meetings, church functions, family reunions, dinner parties, etc. it seems when I speak my thoughts, feeble as they might be, someone in the room will invariably interrupt and attempt to point out this, or that, however, what they’re doing (saying), most of the time, is nothing more than regurgitating (paraphrasing) what someone already said. Have you ever noticed there’s always one “individual” around who does their darnedest to establish he/she is the smartest person in the room? I don’t want to be the smartest in the room. I’m not the smartest person in the room. With all due respect, I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not; I just want to state my case, make my point and move on, regardless. For me, words on paper are the surest way to do this. I have no ulterior motives.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I keep writing I suppose because I can. I thought I had something worthwhile to write about, but the truth is my life is ordinary. I just so happened to have had some really bad bumps along the way. I thought sharing about them would be good for me. As I wrote my blog- I realized I was able to help others who in turn were helping and encouraging me along my life’s path. I read your about me page and it is touching. It’s good to write and feel freedom in it. Thank you so much for reading from my small place in this vast world! Alesia


    Above you said, “…reading from my small place in this vast world!” Well, I just couldn’t resist… Above I preached about how I don’t like people who regurgitate what someone else wrote, but there’s an exception to this, there’s always an exception, and here it is. If ever something needs to be repeated this is it… Every time I listen to it, or read the poem, it makes me feel better and I hope it does the same for you! It’s about 4 min video and I’ve printed the words below the video.


    here’s the link:

  6. gpcox

    Hard to explain, I am not a professional writer, so no publishing contract, not much money, so no pay-for website or self-publishing – then it came to loyalty to my father and the men who served with him to get their stories read. After that – you’re talking the friendships I’ve made and my growing interest in everyone else’s stories. Does that explain my blogging?


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