The Gift

Precious gift all wrapped up nice.
You know you are our one delight.
Surrounded by all to glare.
For only one family are you to share.

(Post dedicated to my sons and the family dog Linus)

14 years go by so fast and you are glad for the
journey of love and licks that only can be brought
by the gift of an animal. For additional posts on Linus
go to and in
particular if you need a good laugh read this one:

11 thoughts on “The Gift

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I found these photos and my youngest son just went crazy thus I dedicated this post to him and his brother and of course Linus who everyone knows from my blog….lol


  1. Laila

    Enjoyed the pictures with the boys. Linus was such a cute puppy and still is I might ad. Our animals are such a blessing and I thank the Lord for them.



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