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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you! Where you live is so beautiful too! I live in Europe on and off for at least 8 years so I know Europe pretty well. I was very young than in my 20’s! YOUR age probably! I did not take much photos back then. I am now with a friend’s guidance becoming a better photographer. Having a great “eye” is important and I think I have that. I do not have all the technique down. This is where I need the most work. It is fun to learn though…Best Wishes Tieme (is that really your name) and take care,



      1. Tieme

        Hi Alesia,

        Sure, The Netherlands and countries around are wonderful too! Where have you lived?

        Great of your friend to help you out, hope it helps you enjoy photography even more! The technique can be tricky, I try to add some more articles about photography to my website. You might like the menu at my site called “Roadmap to Photography”.

        Best wishes to you too! And yes, that is my real name. My name has been in the family since at least 1700. It means “man of the people”, I am quite proud to carry the name. I was named after my father, a man I admire 🙂

        Happy weekend!


  1. alesiablogs Post author

    Hi Teime,
    I will check out your road map. I am so close to finding the exact passion of all of this. My head swirls with ideas about how I can utilize a wonderful photo to tell a story on my blog. Thank you for sharing about your family name. I think it is awesome! Are you on Instagram? I am slowly beginning to place photos on that site too. I have one cousin in Heemskerk. I have several other places though. I wish I knew how to speak Dutch. I do not. Take Care , Alesia



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