Gut Check times can be down right vomitus. Time has come that all is left of my inner being is my gut feelings. Have you ever been there? Maybe more than you ever really want to share if the truth were to be told.
My earthly time has been challenged in ways that are hard to put into words. Those are the times we must just let go. It could be that the time has come for me once again. Unfortunately for me, my gut check thermometer did not read the situation as clear as it is now.
When something becomes clear to you-yes at a gut level-you finally can start Letting Go. Obviously a clarifier has to be put with that statement and it is this. Letting Go is a process and looks different to every individual.
Cancer tried to take my life. Autism has tried to take a son. Hardships tried to take my joy. Depression tried to steal my soul. But at the beginning of the day and at the end, I stand up still even if with a cane and call my life a victory. You can too.
God Bless your Weekend Word Press Friends. Here are a few photos to help keep things in perspective. Enjoy:

23 thoughts on “Acceptance

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I am in the fight of a life time, but I will come out better in the end. That is the way my spirituality works for me. There can be a lot of pain and suffering that we may not understand, but I believe the ultimate empowering victory is just a leap around the corner. I know you of all people are so intuitive with this kind of thing too.


      1. Sue Vincent

        Yes, we give in or go on… and in going on we find the strength is there to keep going. And trusting there is a reason for all things, even those we cannot understand, keeps us moving forward and growing as we go.
        Whatever the battle, my prayers are with you, Alesia. x


    1. alesiablogs Post author


      I am hardly using the cane right now. It is used more as a metaphor for the most part here. I hope to share more in the near future what is happening in my life, but I want to allow time and God’s grace to show me through this curve in my road and maybe just maybe I can find something good at the end of it. Hugs, and Licks to Cupcake!!!! and Hugs to you! Alesia


  1. Kevin

    I held my breath as I began to read you post, unsure of where you were taking me — us. And your final statement about victory and encouraging others — well, I exhaled and my heart went out to you. Be well, my blogger friend.


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      OH Kevin. I appreciate this comment so much. I am going through a rough patch, and in due time will share as I think it will bring healing when I start to write about it. Some time needs to go by first and also a few hurdles, but I am hoping by sharing how I face huge obstacles that others will see that they can too! Hugs, Alesia


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