Winterizing My Dog

Linus has slowed down. He is alert and knows who I am, but just doing what all of us will do and that is age. It came down to the fact I was in a position of listening to my inner self concerned of not letting Linus suffer. “He knows who I am!” I kept saying to myself.
Is this enough to keep a dog alive? Is it enough when they are in pain if indeed that is what is going on? To my relief after a veterinary visit and counsel, we decided to put Linus on some medicine to help his bones from aching and quite possibly getting him back to jumping around the house again. It has been a month on Carprofen and Tramadol for my baby and he is getting his MOJO back!
While some of you have been winterizing your homes, I have been winterizing my dog Linus. After all he is the best friend a girl could ask for:

14 thoughts on “Winterizing My Dog

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      He tried to jump on the kitchen counter tonight so like the good ole days. We are amazed how the meds are helping him out. I think if we get him through the winter months–he will be golden for the summer! I am wrapping some gifts also for the holidays so it is keeping me in a good mood. It is better to give than receive. Take care and keep writing!


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      It is amazing how vet bills do add up. I am afraid Linus will be my last pet due to that factor alone. I have had dogs all my life so it will be an adjustment. I may baby sit my friends’ pets..haha Blessings.


      1. alesiablogs Post author

        Yes. I hear you. I would not be surprised if I find myself unable to be without a pet running around the house! For now Linus is my buddy and I hope for a couple more years. It would be amazing to see him make it to 16!!!


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