From My Blog To Yours

Occasionally I look at my stat page on Word Press and see what  I have written that has the most views (spoiler alert at end).  I wonder is it the writer that you come to visit or my subject matter?  Since I write a majority of the time about my experiences, I find that the writing and myself is one and the same.  You see it is in my words that I am finding myself.

I often question is it good to use my life as a subject matter on my blog.

I often question is it good to use my life as a subject matter on my blog.

When I Word Press my life story, I wonder out loud, “I hope this helps someone out there.” I figure what the heck. It is helping me to just write it. It also becomes apparent  that my world is colliding with someone else that it would never have had a chance to before.  Who would have ever thought I would have a conversation with another blogger who strips for a living. That was eye-opening!

How about the interaction I have had with Chris who amazes me everyday with his bike excursions around the globe.  He is raising money for cancer research.  I also have ran into the 15-year-old blogger who has more sense than half the grown ups I know!

Recently I read a blog from a lady right here in my home town Seattle.  She is a photographer and  inspires me.

I realize you are sitting at your own desk and recognize my blog because you have read me before.  You are the blogger  living in a small town in Canada, Australia, or perhaps somewhere in Japan.

We connect.

We inspire.

We found each other through invisible wires that absolutely make no sense to me, but here we are.

Today my stats were measured and this is what I learned.  Most of my views over the year were my archives.  I was amazed by this stat because it was close to 3500 views. It spoke to me because more than likely you went to my archives because you read something current I had written and you found me interesting enough to pull up my other stories. Thank you.

My second most popular stat showed you wanted to know who I am. You went to my “About Alesia” page  and viewed what I had to say.  I realized today that  I need to make it more current. I will get to working on that.

My third biggest stat views was from an adventure I took entitled, “The Haunting.”  Over a thousand views of that alone shocked me.  Gee.  All I did was go to one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States and report about my findings!  I guess there are a lot of morbid people out in the blogosphere.

My fourth largest viewed page was titled “MEN!”  Oh my God, that was scary.  I know nothing about men except they have a penis and typically can’t seem to see too far past it. (Just a little joke. Do not get your panties in a wad fellas).

My fifth most popular post(s) deal with my son with autism. This makes sense.  My son inspires me more than words can tell.

Luke has autism, but it does not define him. He is pure joy!

Luke has autism, but it does not define him. He is pure joy!

Other posts that came in close sixth place were my photography and inspirational posts. That made me smile.So there you have it. Do I really know you? That is totally a loaded question.  I know you might be sitting in your home looking at your I pad and reading my post in India.  Or you might be looking at your I phone on a break from your job in England. Quite possibly you are hiding from your abusive parent dreaming about a different life  and come across my blog. Maybe you are a 40-year-old woman  in rural Kentucky laughing at something I wrote.  And just maybe you needed that laugh because you sure are not getting enough of it in your own home.

Who ever you are, I am glad you are around and I do look forward to having you come back. Stats are fun to look at, but your comments are much more entertaining because it is there that I really get to know you. Please leave a comment. I want to know you.


16 thoughts on “From My Blog To Yours

  1. John

    Great post Alesia! My wife and I were talking today about how ‘real’ people are on their websites. It was an interesting chat. I’ve followed you for I dunno, a year or something like that because you are honest, real and interesting. Be well!!

    1. alesiablogs Post author


      I think we all have something we can contribute to the dialogue. We all do it in our own way. I find so much enjoyment in different things in life so that may help me to be interesting. I also enjoy learning and contributing to the world of helping others. I feel like I am doing my part and if something I write helps someone else–the more joy I have in that!!! So glad you and your wife enjoy my blog….Alesia

  2. Carl D'Agostino

    “We found each other through invisible wires that absolutely make no sense to me, but here we are.”


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      You know Carl, I am glad you picked up on that one sentence. When I began writing this post and came to that sentence in my mind, I knew that was the glue for this post. By the way, your blog is one of my favorites. I get an email weekly with your posts and I smile always when I see you in my inbox. God Bless, Alesia

  3. Wedgwood in Seattle History

    Alesia, I and all your readers thank you for your writing! I also look at my blog statistics for ideas of what people are most interested in: the stats have given me some topic ideas. But keep in mind, you are doing your writing for “you” and by so doing you are helping others, as they see how you process your experiences. Your life has meaning and awesomeness. Please keep on pouring it out as a sacrificial offering.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I appreciate that. There is so much I have not shared, and I need to figure that stuff out first before I can, but I go one step at a time for now and share what I believe it ok for now. If I told the whole story which I am not sure when I can or how I will, I know then I have arrived at the point I need to for my own healing. In any regard that may have to be what goes in my book. Some things have to be kept mysterious I suppose.

      1. alesiablogs Post author

        That is true. But the stuff that I hold back is so powerful that I am not sure how it should be presented. It is also about real people in my life and I need to be cautious. There are issues that I need to embrace, but it may be that some of these most personal of personal circumstances may need to go without writing about them. Time will tell. Thank you for your thoughts. I hope one day I can share about it. I am not there yet. If one thinks my writing is personal now–just wait if and when I feel I can write about the “other stuff.” Alesia

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Luke does look like pure joy! 🙂 Love that smile.

    I too, when I put my story out there, I hope ‘hope this helps someone’.

    I don’t understand the stats. They’re weird and don’t make sense some days.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      So glad to meet you on my blog and thank you for reading. I love the title of your blog. I also appreciate your affirmation of what I am trying to do in my own writing. Blessings, Alesia

  5. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I am not quite sure how I started following you, but the stories of your son were the first posts I remember. I have a hard time following blogs because I get such varied and many readers, but I have stuck with you.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I find that the highest compliment! I can say this. I find your site a breath of fresh air . I am not sure how I found you either, but I do follow a few other bloggers who garden and it could have been from one of their links or vice versa. I also read comments that people leave on other blogs and if I find that comment interesting, I am bound to go check you out voluntarily!! God Bless Donna and stay warm!!!! Hope to really meet you one day.


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