Growing up in Hawaii and lasting memories from a little girl. Come along for the ride and see where we land!

Growing up in Hawaii and lasting memories from a little girl. Come along for the ride and see where we land!

1973 was the year. It was when I had my first crush. Jamie and I had a lot in common. We were both brunettes. He was small and so was I. He loved playing sports and so did I. He was 10 years old and so was I. He was shy and so was I. Ok. That last statement was not true.
Memories are a powerful thing. It is a wonder why we pick certain people over others to be “interested” in. The funny thing is how does someone know what a crush really is at the age of ten? Furthermore, when we grow up, why would a woman pick just one guy out of a lineup of several she could choose from? I mean think about it. Many times we women go for the no-good lazy bum from the wrong side of the tracks. But I digress.
Jamie was the perfect boy. He really was such a sweet person, but the truth is I do not think he really noticed me. That was Ok because really I knew I was just not quite ready to date. After all, I wasn’t even out of my first decade of life.
Seriously, it is fun thinking back on 41 years ago and realizing maybe some things never change. No one could ever compete with little Jamie. He is the “one” that got away.
Have you ever heard of the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens up.” It dawned on me that those early years of my life were like the changing seasons we have every few months. April is always a beautiful time back in my home town. Spring is on its way. Almost overnight, I can see the azaleas, gardenias, and honeysuckle blooming. It is a site for sore eyes. If I could paint you a picture, we would see vibrant colors everywhere. We would see the changes season to season and perhaps even minute to minute. The colors would be glorious with different shades of green, yellow, blue, and pink. I would not forget the birds and the trees surrounding the beautiful landscape of flowers. What vibrant colors we could share.
That is what I yearn for now. Simplicity. Keeping things simple and full of hope should be what life is all about. Leaning on our memories and learning from them is quite possibly why God gives us so many second chances. Why does he keep repeating the seasons? Do you ever wonder why there are only four seasons? Why aren’t there six or eight? Maybe deep down we yearn for familiarity and traditions along with a small element of surprise once in a while. I think that is why I think about 1973. It was a simple life. I did not care if Jamie liked me or not. I just knew he was such a great sight to look at in 1973.  He had really done it for this little girl.


13 thoughts on “1973

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I too look to keeping things simple. I am not one to think back. I barely remember what life was like back in school days. Growing up in Hawaii would have been wonderful though. And where you live now is a beautiful place too, it seems life is always better surrounded by beauty of place. On a different note. I am not coming to Portland this year. I was put on a waiting list and did not make the cut. I should have singed up the first day as it filled right up! Sorry, it would have been nice meeting you. I wanted to know if you got a camera for your son? A friend of mine gave me a camera like I was selling a while back and I would give it to you if you pay postage and insurance. It has the lens that came in the kit too.

  2. Linda K.

    I picked you out easily! (Behind the boy holding the class sign on front row.) Which one is Jamie?

    Amen to simplicity. It sometimes means foregoing that purchase (so you won’t go into debt), turning off technology (so you can have a real conversation without distractions at lunch), and saying “No” to another commitment (so you spend more time with those who mean the most). It’s so worth it.

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      He was actually in the class I was at when I attended the first half of the year on Ft. Shafter. We moved from one base to another during the 73-74 school season. That was the Army for you! Yes. You picked me out of the “line up”!!!!!
      Glad you also “get” this post for what it really is meant to convey. Alesia

  3. Donna S

    You bring back many memories… I love it when my kids ask me if I had any “boyfriends or crushes” before their daddy. They think it is so funny to hear that I dated anyone other than their dad! The simpler days! And to not grow up too fast…
    I love the seasons too – what a glorious display of God’s beauty each season brings – the vibrant fall colors in fall, the pureness of the winter, the new life in Spring and the settling in summer. Love it! Love your stories 🙂

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Hi Donna,

      Wow! I love how you related to all of this! I know our kids can’t imagine us being “kids”. It makes me laugh. So glad you enjoyed this post and my others. That is what puts a smile on my face and brings affirmation for me. : )

  4. Genevieve Petrillo

    I couldn’t find you, but thanks to Linda K. I see you now. Last summer I had lunch with my “boyfriend” from first grade. We marveled at the fact that last time we saw each other (50+ years ago) we played the board game Chutes and Ladders. Talk about the simple life….

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Now. that is a sweet sweet story! I think you should have got that game board out just for a good laugh! Also why could you not see my post?


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