Butterfly Kisses

What an amazing adventure in the world of Butterflies. I believe I was touched by Heaven on this day. Enjoy a few photos from my experience in one of the nation’s largest tropical butterfly exhibit. The poetry of life is exhibited in the changing life cycles of the butterfly::

14 thoughts on “Butterfly Kisses

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    So pretty. I can’t wait until they fly here. I have to get to our butterfly conservancy soon, it is only 7 miles from here in Canada. I like the blue ones in your post, the must be from Central or S. America I am guessing.


  2. Louise Terranova

    There is a Butterfly pavilion at the Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Australia. Haven’t been there for some years but it is special, like I guess this is.
    I love butterfly kisses – I used to give them to my daughters in bed before they went to sleep.

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