Hummingbird Paradise

Part II of my weekend brought me to my friend’s home for a wonderful visit and an enjoyable view of his own little paradise of birds. In particular, you are looking at photos of the Anna and Rufous Hummingbirds. These shots I took were NOT easy. A research study found that the Anna’s hummingbird can shake their bodies 55 times per second while in flight. Can you imagine I was able to even get a picture at all? In fact the Rufous hummingbird is known for their incredible flight skills!!! I would say so, but I was blessed to get a few shots to turn out. Enjoy. These were taken in a town called Silverdale, WA with the backdrop of Olympic Mountains and an inlet that has waters coming from the Puget Sound.


14 thoughts on “Hummingbird Paradise

  1. John

    Great photo! These birds are so difficult to capture, no luck here. A month or so back, they were more common but now they are not hanging out as much. The chirp is easy to hear, letting you know when they are near.

      1. alesiablogs Post author

        It is really hard!! I know, but my friend has a natural paradise and they were just flying everywhere..That helped me a lot!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I had it on A and at times the one that looks like the guy running (that might be mode sports) and also scenic and later in the evening on some. I had no way to tell which ones were working because of my vision is not good and I did not have my computer with me to look at them immediately. I am a work in progress aren’t I? Is there something you see in these that I could have done better? I took many others that just had those little guys really blurry.

      1. alesiablogs Post author

        I still have a lot to learn with this camera. I really enjoyed having it this weekend especially with my friend’s home right on the water in the forest basically! It was breathtaking enjoying the view and all the other little animals we saw up there. There were woodpeckers, steller jays, baby squirrels, raccoons, and other birds I do not know all the names of!

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      I took a lot of pictures to just get those!! haha It was great fun though. I am learning off that new camera so I really should try and come back and take more photos, but I am afraid I might get ate up by a raccoon!! lol


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