The Case of the Missing Wallet

No vacation is complete without some kind of mystery. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fans fasten your seatbelt. We are about to go for a ride. The following event took place in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) while on holiday with my friends. Events as they occurred are real. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty……
It was approximately 1pm and we checked into our beautiful hotel room at The Empress overlooking the harbor. Shortly thereafter strange events happened that led up to the next morning with my friend’s husband discovering his wallet missing! Aghast!!!!
We have three suspects. Please chime in anytime when you think you might know who done it? Our first thought on the morning of the discovery of the missing wallet was it had been left on the window sill of our third floor hotel room and taken by suspect one who is named Fred.

Fred made regular stops to our hotel from faraway distances to eat bread.

Fred made regular stops to our hotel from faraway distances to eat bread.

Suspect Two was an employee who entered our room to open our window to circulate the air better. I was not in the room nor my girlfriend. Her husband, though, was in the bathroom and never heard him come in. He describes the employee’s entrance like this because he never heard him: “He came in like a Ninja.” Photo two shows the wallet on the bed when suspect two entered. I know this because I took this photo right before he came in:
Look close on the bed. The wallet is on top of the IPad type device!

Look close on the bed. The wallet is on top of the Ipad type device!

Suspect three is the most innocent in my opinion. It is my dear friend’s husband. Just so you know–the wallet was thought to be on the window sill and he felt he might have accidentally pushed it out. I never thought that could happen as evidenced by the above photo I took.
After our discovery, security was called and an immediate investigation began. The good news was that the wallet was found outside the window on the grounds of the hotel with its contents scattered. It is my belief that the wallet was either A: Pushed out of the window by the hotel employee while opening our window or B: He was looking in it and then heard my friend’s husband in the bathroom and panicked throwing it out the window. Shortly after we arrived back to the hotel and saw the window was opened another guy (suspect 2 I believe coming back to the scene of the “crime”) was there to see if our window had been opened. We told him it had been done allready. He looked really strange and actually scared to me, but because we did not pick up on the wallet missing until the next morning, we did not get alarmed.
All in all–this could have been disastrous, but it was not.
Poor Fred..Did you take the wallet?

Poor Fred..Did you take the wallet?

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      haha This is true. It was funny going through all the details from my girlfriend’s husband. He was so methodical about everything that I told him he should start writing!



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