Flip-Flops And Life

I am a 70's girl stuck in 2014.  How do I learn to belong? Can you pick me out?

I am a 70’s girl stuck in 2014. How do I learn to belong? Can you pick me out?

Running late for my dental appointment, I grab my socks and I thought my shoes. As I start the engine and travel down the road, I realize the shoes were a figure of my crazy imagination.
Laughing out loud to no one but myself, I don’t turn around. Frozen in time, I look down to my bare feet and think who cares?
I could say I don’t care about shoes and I do not care to choose, but reality is I was in a hurry.

“Alesia, put something on your feet if you are going out to play!” Living in Hawaii–who cares, right.
“Ok, mom,” As I run out with flip-flops in my hands and no socks. The flip-flops never made it to my feet usually.
It was 1971 and who gave a you know what about shoes. We lived in Hawaii and we just wanted to have fun and playing with the other kids without shoes on was the norm.
Those were the days. No one held this girl down. No shoes for sure did. Being on your own time and really no time source to tell me different made me feel like nothing could go wrong. Reminiscing of the days of old, I still realize how I loved those old days. Backing up in my mind, everything was going my way. I could do whatever I wanted to do.

“Damn.” I said to myself realizing I was not going to turn around for my shoes just because I was going to the dentist. You could call it crazy, but I called it freedom and memory freezing even if just for the 15 minute drive. The sun was beaming down on my car hood and it was just a beautiful day. Who cares if I have any shoes? I sure did not. After all I am just an American woman wanting to mess with your mind and show up barefoot.

Oh..That's where those flip-flops ended?

Oh..That’s where those flip-flops ended?

“Alesia, time for supper. Come in before your food gets cold!” Man, moms know how to mess up a good tether ball tournament going on with my friends on the Barracks we lived in. All the children I played with hovered around that ball and string.
“Ok, mom!” I shouted. My friends were so kind. They crowned me the champion for the evening tether ball match. I took that championship home with me with a big smile on my face. Walking into the house, my mom looks at my dirty 9-year-old feet. OOPS!!!! No flip-flops on.

Walking into the dentist office and then sitting into the chair, my dental hygienist does not even notice I am barefooted.
She starts talking about some old man’s world book series where men would turn into young men and become super heroes.
Geez, I felt like a super hero just then. I got caught outside without my shoes on and no one cared!

Honolulu 1971. Ahhh! The life.

Honolulu 1971. Ahhh! The life.

17 thoughts on “Flip-Flops And Life

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      The dentist even forgot to check my teeth after I got them cleaned. Ha HA! Fair to say, I start talking and I “captivate” my audience ( my dentist) with a story and then the exam gets forgot…Good news—the assistant called him back and they agreed–NO CAVITIES!!!! HAHA


  1. Lisa

    Love the title! Our church goes casual during the summer and I take full advantage. Today was capris and Yellow Box Flip Flops! I was dressed right along with most everyone else and this was at First Baptist Prattville. 🙂


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      The south sure can get by with more days of doing that than we can in the Pacific NW. I suppose I miss that part at times. : )
      Thanks for dropping by the blog and look forward to dropping by my house one day!!!!


  2. Kelly Holt-Mcbain

    When I taught at the high school….I had a pair of huge fleece slippers…that I put on every day once I got in my classroom….AND I got away with it for over a year…before the admin noticed…and told me that shoes were part of the “required” dress code….dangit…I loved wearing those slippers..hehe


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      You know it is great when I have these retro inspirations because it has a feel good kind of memory. After all, if we are not in the moment, we are usually doing one of two things…WE are thinking of the cool 70’s or thinking about that next dental appointment! haha



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