Hank Williams

Mr. Hank Williams was born in Alabama and buried in Montgomery. My son never heard of him until I took him to his grave site. I guess we take for granted that everyone knows Hank Williams!

13 thoughts on “Hank Williams

  1. Sandra

    I’m so glad you posted that. I kept seeing the signs. I would’ve loved to have gone and seen some sights. Just thrilled to make the trip and see the beach



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  2. Peggy Tedford

    When I first moved to Montgomery, AL in 1975 my mother said to me go see Hank Williams’ grave. So I did the first opportunity I got. Back in 1975 it was a dirt road that took you to the grave site overlooking the Alabama River with Prattville and Millbrook in the distant. Now with Hank Williams Junior taking pride in the site, it has been redone with his mother lying beside Hank and the road is now paved. A very nice site to visit for anyone living or visiting Montgomery, Alabama.

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