Blindfolded: Easter During WWII-Part IV

World War II has been written about at length. However, when I started this series earlier in the year, I knew this slant would be very different than any written before.  I was given permission to share the love stories of the German war bride.

Our German War Bride

Our German War Bride

Through the ages, many people of high standing have been quoted for their own comments about the war from different vantage points.  These letters give certainly a different slant that we have not seen before.  The timing of this letter to her husband was Easter.  With the Easter season upon us, I felt it was a good time to share again from the German War Bride.


History of WWII 1940 at the time this letter was written indicated the Germans were able to slip through British mine fields because garrisons were put down along enemy lines to allow them to go through.Germans were easily going through Denmark and Norway.


” My dearest love, Willy!  2nd Easter Holiday.   Mutti is in bed for a nap and little Hartmut ‘s bassinet is standing by the window in the living room. He has his little eyes closed. I would like to use the resting time after lunch to write a letter to you. Thank you from my heart for your lovely letter, which I received Easter-Saturday. I was so happy! Now it seems like Easter to me, after receiving the letter from you. Immediately I hurried to the window by the side of our little sunshine boy, and told him about his daddy. He cooed like he was telling a big story and laughed to sweetly. I could not read the one word starting with s…. . But I am so happy to know that you are well and not in great danger. I understand change can come quickly over night and worsen the situation.  I beg you to write a small card or letter to Papa and to Lamprechts. Papa already told Lamprechts: My son-in-law doesn’t write me at all. Please, let him hear from you, if it is only a card. I know you are busy with lots of work. Oh, my dear, how wonderful, how dreamlike were the hours we were able to spend together in W.* Today it seems  like it was all a dream, and yet, it was reality. Why, oh why, does time pass so quickly when we’re together. ”

May we remember our history in its complete context and all veterans.  Many were blindfolded to how cruel Adolf Hitler really was including his own people.

Happy Spring and Easter to all.



2 thoughts on “Blindfolded: Easter During WWII-Part IV

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      If you are interested the three other posts are underneath this post that are Part I , II, III…I am so glad you enjoyed reading this. It is a part of history that indeed needs to be told.



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