Golden Gardens And Shilshole Bay

       I spent a great day on the Puget Sound in the Ballard neighborhood .  If you are in the Seattle area for vacation, I would recommend visiting this area and taking a stroll along the marina.  Many different birds migrate to this area and this part of Seattle is also known for a large intake of folks from Norway!! Thank you Leif Erikson who actually came upon our shores 500 years before Columbus.






    19 thoughts on “Golden Gardens And Shilshole Bay

      1. alesiablogs Post author

        I really will take my nicer camera and get more photos!! WordPress drives me crazy as at times I can not download all the photos I want to, but these give you a feeling for the area. Don’t you think ??


      1. alesiablogs Post author

        Thank you .. So glad you and I follow each other!!!! I appreciate the compliment also.. Weight loss is a forever battle! I hope things are going better.. It seems life is full of setbacks. I have a very hard time with them… Struggling with some news that came my way today. Nothing stays the same but change.

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        1. pishnguyen

          Ugh. I’m sorry to hear that you got difficult news. I hope things are (or will be) OK for you. I’ll be thinking of you. Weight loss is definitely a forever battle. I’m almost to 50 pounds lost since starting out on a serious weight loss road a year ago. (It’ll be a year in July.) But that only puts me halfway to my final goal. Argh!

          I’m glad we follow each other, too!

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        2. alesiablogs Post author

          A loss of a friend to suicide. We lost track over the last couple if years due to some complicated issues but the loss is rough to hear about nonetheless ..our relationship was business in nature but because he worked closely with our disabled son, you become friends too.. He suffered from mental illness . Life is so complicated .


        3. pishnguyen

          Oh no! I am sorry for your loss. It’s funny how these things can hit so hard, even when you have lost touch with the person. Last year, one of the lovely ladies who taught my daughter in Kindergarten passed away. Her illness was sudden and shocking, as was her death. I volunteered in the kindergarten classroom pretty much every day (because we had come from a co-op preschool, and I was trying to ease my daughter into being away from me — lol). So this lady and I had become good friends during that year. We had fallen out of touch in the years that came after, but I remember sitting at my desk and crying when I found out about her death. Hugs to you and yours. Be gentle with yourself, and stay strong!

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        4. alesiablogs Post author

          I just get super sad with these kinds of things. I have to be careful I do not become depressed as I am prone to that happening very quickly with these kinds of things . I hope his family will find comfort some how some way.

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