Photography II -EAGLE

eagle911My camera was so happy coming across this eagle high up in the massive trees that surround the area I live in.  Go to my Instagram named Alesiablogs to see more photos soon of this bird and others.   I consider this a blessed viewing as typically these guys are mostly down by Lake Washington.  I live five minutes from where they nest,  but it was great seeing him hanging around my home.  I love living in the Seattle area!! What a joy to view nature at its best. 


12 thoughts on “Photography II -EAGLE

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Marlene–I got a bunch of good ones. I am going to put some on my Instagram later when I have time. I was just walking..Come join me anytime!!! No hating. haha

  1. donna213

    Good first attempt, Alesia. You need to work on exposure though. I have talked about this on shooting eagles on my blogs. Get the camera off auto settings. The white head will always blow out unless you make the correct exposure.


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