The Gift Of Musical Birds

For several days, I have not slept well due to increased pain.  I had a call yesterday from a counselor friend of mine  checking in with me. I had not written on this blog much and really most do not know the true reason I stopped. I would share it, but to share the reason would give validity to nonexistent boundaries.   
I am giving no one or nothing any validity who has tried to demonize my writings or felt offended.  We humans are easy to judge when we should be looking at ourselves instead.  This is my life and I own it.  My family has always been my world and I have always put them above me and many times I have put my friends above me.  

Last night I was asked by a new friend, do you love  yourself? I could not answer. It made me sad that  I did not have enough respect and love for me. The good news I realized God loves and I could work on loving myself more and understanding whose I AM. 

In the meantime- through tears because of physical pain, I shot these photos in the rain in my backyard.  Don’t worry- I am seeing my doctors to help me with the chronic and acute discomforts I have.  Just making it real.  Be looking soon for photography from Hawaii where I will be taking in some much needed sun!  I am not a tourist type so you will not find those kind of shots on my blog as I believe vacation is not about rushing from one tourist activity to another. Instead you will see photos through the eyes of randomness of what I enjoy on The Sandwich Islands. I lived there and seen a lot already, but I bet my new camera just might find a cool surfer dude to photograph! Yes. I am back looking at mens’ butts. 



16 thoughts on “The Gift Of Musical Birds

  1. Stac

    Dear Alesia,
    In so many ways you are nurturing yourself… your walking, your photography and the very act of blogging come to mind. To me these actions show a mature self-love, even if you don’t always feel that you love yourself. Equally important, there are a lot of us out here that love you. XXOO

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thx Stacy. You always make me feel good and insightful at the same time. Please come to see me soon from that cold Baltimore air. I promise to warm up Seattle for you! Well- I do have a fireplace. haha


    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Peggy, it is a bummer. Another issue has cropped up , but I will not let it stop me. By the way- we are going to be doing
      great things this year in the name of our chapter! I am excited for it. I will share with you privately.



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