Why Am I Comfortable Today?

While driving along Palm Circle on Fort Shafter, I was brought back to another time.  It was here I experienced Hawaiian life first in 1969 as an army brat. This base was named after General William R. Shafter who liberated Cuba in 1898. It is also the oldest military base on the island.

Many of my Alabama family and friends will appreciate the hound’s tooth dress my mother made and wore on a beautiful hawaiian day when dad received honors for his army career on the island. Over a quarter of a century before this photo was taken, Fort Shafter was hit by Japanese bombers who targeted its artillery. It is on the field above where you see the young service men and women raising our flag that we sustained casualities.  The famous movies Pearl Harbor and Tora, Tora, Tora were filmed on location here. 


Above you will see the second post I lived on. This base is the largest outside the continental United States called Scholfield Barracks.  I captured in this photo buildings that you can see if you were to watch the classic film  From Here To Eternity.     

Mother always dressed my sister and I up in clothes she made for us while living on the Hawaiian bases. Who would have ever thought a little over 25 years before this photo was taken Japanese pilots would warm up their guns above us before bombing our Army Air Corps pilots’ home base Wheeler Army Airfield?

Perhaps Hawaii’s most famous scenic picture I took is of Pearl Harbor itself. It is underneath this structure you can see the remains eerily of the sunken Battleship Arizona. It is this tourist spot visited  by millions that led to the United States entering WWII. 

I hope you enjoyed learning  alittle history not only about your blogger, but about the Hawaiian Islands.  It is good for us to understand why we are comfortable today as I titled this post, but also to keep in mind that our defense needs to stay our priority if we want to continue to stay that way. 

20 thoughts on “Why Am I Comfortable Today?

  1. Glory's Mom

    I am Thoroughly enjoying my visit to Hawaii via your photos and commentary!
    Thanks for posting all of the History lessons with your pictures! I am a history person, for sure, so I truly appreciate all the info included!!!


      1. janjoy52

        The human soul is very complicated. Our body grows older and we look more mature. We look seasoned and put together but inside we carry the child with the experiences, perceptions and processing abilities if a child. All of that may mean baggage mixed with blessings. Either way tapping in can trigger a welling up of chaotic emotions. No worries. What is is. What was was. We are the variable, walking with Jesus, that makes all the difference in how it’s going to be.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. jaggh53163

    Alesia – Thank you for this piece of history. I have been to the site of the Arizona and, I’m sure you will agree, there is nothing that comes close to the feelings you have in that historic site. We all need to be reminded of the sacrifices so many made so that we can feel as comfortable as we do today. Thanks for sharing your pictures and experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      It is definitely quite an experience. Glad you enjoyed the read. I love reconnecting with those that write on their own blog specifically about this time in history as you do.



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