I Am A Photographer


Pictures means different things to different people.  You see a woman taking a photo of herself.  I see a ring on the middle finger.   The ring was the subject, but so much is in the shot.  Maybe you can tell me what the heck you think of some other images of mine.


I took this shot on my hike up the trail of Diamond Head.  The twin mountains framed the water in a way I truly thought was provocative.  Water is so alluring.   Don’t you think?


Framing the ocean between trees seems mysterious to me as I display what is one of my favorite places to be.  Obviously, you can see I love the water and drawing attention to it is fun for me as I did between two unique trees. Photo taken at Malaekahana State Park.


And there you have it!   The ocean without anything else to intrude on its brilliance. The waves come in reminding me of how far out and cool the God of the universe is. After all He made it all.



This man enjoyed his time with nature.  He never moved while the sun came down in the horizon.  A man at peace I suppose is what we all are looking for.  This was a lovely shot for me and a teaching moment of taking it all in as he was doing here on Waikiki Beach.




16 thoughts on “I Am A Photographer

  1. Sandra Franklin

    You are a very good photographer. Some of your photos are breathtaking! It’s exciting for me to see sights and places I wouldn’t otherwise see. Thanks for sharing and for allowing me that pleasure.

    Liked by 1 person


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