A Garden

I am writing this from my home, but believe me in my head I am touring a Hawaiian garden. While recently on vacation, I had the opportunity to do a self guided tour at Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.


Wahiawa Botanical Gardens began in the 1920’s prehawaii statehood.  It was first considered an arboretum experiment.  When Hawaii became a state in the 1950’s, the department of parks and recreation  took over its operations.   

The county of Honolulu is home to 650 acres of botanical gardens at five sites. Wahiawa comprises only 26 of those acres with  a large amount of tropical plants. Some of these plants are rare. 


Upon entering  the botanical gardens, you are surrounded with quiet reflective walking trails. A visitor center is also on the premises upon going through the main entry.  There was no cost to us as visitors. 

Sections of the  botanical trails are divided into Australian and bamboo forests,  different palm gardens , and other flora and Hawaiian gardens.


Wahiawa gardens is for plants that love moisture. As much as 80 inches of rain may fall here. This unique gardens is definitely a home for rare flora.  

As I finish my thoughts about this Hawaiian garden, spring has really sprung here in my hometown of Seattle. So please enjoy a view from my backyard garden to yours as I bid adieu.



15 thoughts on “A Garden

  1. Louise Terranova

    Lovely garden Alessia. It reminds me of Melbourne gardens a bit. Is that a lilac tree behind you? Also I was surprised to read that the Wahiawa had an Australian forest section. I am guessing that would be rainforest plants?
    I love how photos of our travels can transport us back. Louise

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Hi Donna!! Yes. I was surprised when we went there was no charge. I should have looked for where I could have donated money, but we did go on a Sunday I believe and it was so quiet there with
      only someone taking senior shots for high school! I set the timer! Getting all technical , but oh boy so much to learn about my camera! Thank you for the compliment. See you soon!!



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