Forward thinking health is my story. Blooming at just the right timing  can depend on many factors…. My truth is no other. Walk in my shoes just one time and you will see.

“Move your foot forward. You can do this.”

The therapist evidently knew more than me..

This was in January of  2011.  My hospital physical therapist had begun working with me in the acute rehab. I was status post one week crainiotomy for a large motor cortex brain tumor.

“It will not move.” I remarked

“Yes. It will. We will get you there.”

I looked up at her admiring her being strong for me.

That almost seems a lifetime ago, yet everyday I am reminded one way or another of my past medical history.

Today that blooming effect keeps rolling along five years later. This past few months , I started working closely with physical therapy for a  left knee injury. While being assessed, it became apparent to the therapist I also had another condition called Left Neglect.

I was absolutely shocked with this. Apparently damage to the opposite side of my brain ( in my case right side of brain) caused my left sided neglect.  Surprising enough, a left-sided neglect individual may not even know anything is wrong. I sure did not.

Damage to the right side of the brain also may cause cognition issues such as  attention. This is where we need to understand paying attention involves complicated neuro circuits being fractured.

I did not realize this neglect and if I did , I would have taken steps way before now to retrain my brain to use my body in equal footing.

As a mother, I wondered how all these complicating issues were going on in my body all the while doing my mom job.  This whole issue is not just one area or disorder, but multiple in nature.  I am thankful to my sons for always accepting mom through so much.

Barriers happen. These blockades will be overcome by an attitute of continual blooming. As I look out into my backyard, I see this in action. Flowers almost blooming or already have, yet I also see precious squirrels looking to get food and jump at the chance when he can.

It all may sound crazy, but this left neglect is a real neurological condition. In  fact, I had to keep a key viewpoint alive in my head that my issues are real. I do not have but one energizing answer to my rehab. It is simple. Keep blooming. Keep smiling. And yes. Keep moving!

12 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. janjoy52

    Sounds like a scary time. Thank God you aren’t dealing with this alone. God is providing and yes, you want to keep moving forward. Blooming! Prayers for complete healing. In every way!


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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      It really is not scary. It was more surprising to me. She showed me how I do not put weight on my left leg and how the right has done most of the work. I do have neurological impairment on the left , but my PT team is confident in giving me therapy that will help me grow new wires in my brain to help me a long. So that part is a positive thing. My therapy is hard for me so I am trying to stay focused which also can he hard for me. I am happy my orthopedic dr referred me to her .

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Wow. Uncanny. My case is a bit unusual as I was in months of therapy 5 yrs ago, but did have to stop it for other complications. So in some way going back for my acute problems ends up manifesting this left neglect. It all makes sense to me and when she was able to prove it to me -I was stunned. I might need to read that book or not!!


  2. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I never heard of that condition either. It seems similar to having an injury on one side, then bearing weight on the opposite to compensate for pain or loss of motion. You do it without thinking you are favoring one side of the body over another which leads to long range problems. The big difference though is the neurological causes like you are experiencing. Physiological pain is a tricky thing. The root cause is not always easy to diagnose.

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Yes. That is exactly right. I am afraid it is like someone who has been overweight for a very long time and attempts to journey back to normalcy. In this case, I have some success so I am optimistic, but its been some really hard therapy for me.



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