imageI woke up hoping for a sign. I am always happy for an indication of His beauty. Can it be through the simplicity or the most intricate of detail?

Here I wake up. Sore. Body speaking to me every morning. Not the kind of talking I like. Yet, I get up and look for the beauty in the day. Lonely yet not alone.

I work my way downstairs with legs hurting and I just know that can not be normal. Yet I look for that sign of Your beauty.

Lights, Camera, Action. I am not disappointed this morning. Call me sentimental. Call me a bird lover. Call me what you want. I actually do not mind. And that is a lot for me. I am more myself then I have been in years. Youth can be wasted. I urge you young one- live your dreams, but work hard to attain it.

6 thoughts on “Bird

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I thought you stopped the blog. The link on my post sent me to search. When are you leaving? I too will be gone from Aug. 2 – 19, in England and Scotland. I was going to call, but figured you are really busy. I will call you this afternoon sometime.

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