It is not fair



A view of Nuremberg, Germany from inside its castle walls is where I am beginning this post.  Hi Guys!  I know long time no write !  I have been busy.  I went on a long overdue trip.  And I must say it is not fair to have family so far away.  Time goes by so fast before you realize life led in my past is only found by tracing those steps backwards.


Walking the narrow cobble stoned roads transcends one’s mind to ancient days.


Beautiful and breathtaking are just words, but photography is masterful in making those words have meaning.

Growing up with a background that is fascinating to others was normal to me. I recently traveled to Germany to visit my maternal family. Sixteen years have past since my last visit and it was about time I relived some of those wonderful years.


This half-timbered home is typical of German architecture.

This trip was spent enjoying my family. It was a lovely visit. My camera had fun!


My aunt collects owls. I got her the one on the right which was handmade by a native German in the area she lives in.

I made no plans to see much of the tourist sites.  I was mostly interested in making memories.  We laughed a lot and I was teased a bunch by them who knew my antics well as a child. Who wants to be remembered for being in Vienna and not realizing it because I was told we were going to Wien ! Too funny! Look it up! Give me a break. I was 16.


Who can resist taking photos of European architecture!

In the spirit of romance-I am sharing of the Bavaria area where  a lot of my family live.  The landscape and buildings are amazing.  Call it architectural awareness bathed in my spirituality.  It was truly mesmerizing and frankly this trip was more eye opening than any other I have taken in awhile.  Maybe age makes one appreciate things more.



I even appreciated this German hound that I was able to photograph from a distance.  Apparently I had no idea his teeth were in such bad shape!  I can hear the dog saying, It is not fair.”  I know. I know.




19 thoughts on “It is not fair

  1. Peggy Tedford

    Really enjoyed your photos of Germany. Made me homesick for the country I called home for 3 years and have visited many times. Last being 8 years ago.

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