Photographing History


Photographing history is not all old buildings in Europe.  I spent a day in lovely Bamberg , Germany recently.  My family lived a number of years in the area so I have visited often. Modern art is typical yet unique compared to the United States. Take this big head by Igor Mitoraj.  He made this piece deliberately depicting a worn out look perhaps to go along with the cities age.  This head is Eros who is the goddess of love.


Bamberg has such unleveled cobbled streets due to decay. Please note the sign by the door.  It states Bamberg has been honored with an award for its cultural heritage.


Call these locks on the Kettenbrucke bridge another side of art. Dare I say the art of love. Lovers are placing these up.  What if lovers break up? Is the key kept just in case?


I found this baroque Neptune fountain. Someone seemed to be playing a trick on my visit and placed an orange cone on this artwork. This statue in the St. Martin area survived an air attack in WWII. Rooted in so much history, Bamberg seems to seamlessly converge the old with the new.


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Bamberg’s nickname is “the German Rome” because it is built on seven hills. The above monastery is on one such hill.  Much Italian comparisons are noted also such as “little Venice”  along the Regnitz River. 


Many homes face the water. Barges would come through so the cellars were open to them as you see noted above in the decaying old building.


 On the lower bridge here, you can see the statue of St. Kunigunde. She was the wife of Emperor Heinrich II who gave the city to her as a gift in the 11th century.  He really loved her. I wonder if they put a padded lock on the bridge. I guess no need.

Friends from Bamberg- please add a comment on something about your city if you would like to. There is way too much I photographed to share.  I love this city.  So much of this city was spared from WWII destruction. Who knows why?


As a comedy on statues- I leave you with this little fella sticking his leg out! I believe the folks of yesteryear had a bit of funny running through their veins!

4 thoughts on “Photographing History

    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you Jane. I took so many pictures here and didn’t even scratch the surface. Great city. This is the Franken area of Bavaria. Bavarians as my family like to say when they come home back to Bavaria, they can finally breath better!



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