Experience Matters, Education Matters, Love Matters

img_4036Arguing with my boyfriend many years ago was not the norm, but we did have a big disagreement.  He kept saying to me experience matters.  I was stubborn and wrong, and said, “No, it does not!” He was right.

I have no recollection why we were discussing experience, but the memory of the discussion stuck with me all these years.  I grew up somewhat sheltered and idealistic.  My world was simple.  In many ways all of us born before the technological breakthroughs might affirm this.

My hunch is our conversation may have come out of job seeking.  We both started working in the 1970’s.  It is easy to say we were hired without any experience in our first jobs.

As the 1980’s rolled around work experience became crucial.  However, most experience would come when you were hired.  I was an RN and he worked for his parents’ business.

My son recently finished his finals in his junior year at his chosen university.  He worked the entire semester while attending school.  He has a volunteer job.  I was nervous that he may not have enough time to study.  Yet,  I know he is gaining valuable real-world experience while working for free.

A supplement to experience and education is love.  Love matters more than anything in my mind when it comes to life.  So much of how we view the world starts at home.  If my life was measured by my children, I would think maybe I did a few things right.  Thoughtfulness was always what I believed  in and attention to detail as a younger mother became hallmark ideals that I wanted to pass onto my sons.  As an older mom, I have changed in many ways, but hoped those early years would pay off.  They have indeed.  My son’s job is helping others and giving back.

Today it is my hope instead of looking at experience and education  alone, we see love in the mix.  All too often we take people for granted.  It is a great lesson in life to learn to respect all human beings.  The gift in doing that is magic.  When we accept others, we are accepting ourselves.  I am not that young woman that was healthy and vibrant.  I am older, wiser, yet have been riddled with illness.  I want no pity.  None.  I am happy to see grace working through each and everyone of us.  This is such a gift and it is beautiful.


Addendum:  For those of you interested in my photos on today’s blog-my home state football team Alabama is playing Washington on New Years Eve!  I thought my readers would like seeing me in both university colors.  Purple and Red are my favorite colors!!! May the best team win!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Experience Matters, Education Matters, Love Matters

  1. janjoy52

    Lovely Alesia! You nailed it on love being the key to successful living. If I speak with the tongues of men and angels, give my body to be burned, give all I have to help the poor and have not love it is all worthless. (1 Corinthians 13)♡

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