How You Made Me Feel


This photo was taken the day before we got our first snow here in Seattle.  It has been freezing ever sense..Brrrrrrrrrr

Do you remember that first love?  Sadly many of us have been burnt in our first ever love experiences.  There is no way to define in human standards how love looks from one individual to another.

The good news is that love is all around us.   Perhaps, it is love that happens after a very sad divorce or breakup.  It could be the love of mother to her child.

Recently, I had the honor of helping a friend buy gifts for his daughter (one she asked for). He mailed them off for Christmas.  As soon as the gifts arrived, to his  dismay a response from the mother stated he sent cheap gifts. I personally saw the thoughtful gifts. It makes me wonder why they were opened up early before Christmas.

What a materialistic world we live in.  We are cheapened by harsh words that discourage and hurt.  My response of late to any hurtfulness is to let it go.  In the last year or so, it has been a beautiful way to keep peace in my heart.  I had to be in my 50’s to learn this valuable lesson.

People forget mostly what we do say and what we may have done, but they do not forget how you made them feel.  So I choose to make others feel love, laughter, a sense of well being, and most of all that they are important to me.  Obviously, we can not be friends with everyone, but we can make sure to let a person know they are special.  They are deserving of our respect, and especially worthy of feeling peace in their hearts no matter the circumstances.

I send a message out to my dearest of friends who write me Christmas cards.  I shared of my life happenings for this year with them.  Many of them do not read my blog.  In general many of you may know more of my everyday thoughts that vary wildly. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey via my wordpress. Merry Christmas to all.  Happy New Year also as I will not be writing again until next year!!!


Roll Tide for my football team as you can see by my writing desk chair!  I live 20 minutes from the team they are playing the University of Washington!  







19 thoughts on “How You Made Me Feel

  1. Daal

    so true. its easy to let bad things overwhelm the myriad of good things. this post is a great reminder to appreciate the best in life. I try to remember too how I’m often guilty of unintended insensitive behavior…

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Thank you Krystle. Funny. I am just seeing this comment from you. WordPress has just been weird lately where I have missed a lot of messages ..I am heading to HI in 2 weeks too. I can’t wait!!!! Blessings lady!

      Liked by 1 person


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