img_4547The arts mean more to me in my 50’s than any other previous decade of my life thus far. It may have to do with the fact I did not have as much time to appreciate and embrace human creative skills and imagination.  I truly believe that the arts are meant to make us better people because of their beautiful and emotional power.

Photography is my conscious effort to use my imagination through the lense of my eyes.  I have never taken classes in this endeavor. My heart though is in it 100%.  The only problem my physical ability does not always make it easy for me.  For example,  my neck hurts so bad that a camera around it can be debilitating.  As in any form of art,  creativity does not always come easy.  There may be a price.


Sitting at church today, I am reminded of the arrangement God made for us at a price.  The story goes simply, yet without faith no where.  Living in the Pacific Northwest we thank God for His beauty that surround us along with the gorgeous Puget Sound. How can we ever underestimate the art of the most powerful Creator and not give Him thanks?  To His Art, I give my eyes to.  To His Nature, I give my eyes to.  To His Ways, I give my heart to along with my greatest creations-my sons.




10 thoughts on “Gathering

      1. John

        Thanks very much Sue. So much negativity to be seen, the rain in Caly, the news from the Middle East. No serious weather here yet thanks to the mountains…


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