Shopping In Hawaii

Where in the World has Alesiablogs gone now?

My girlfriend caught me telling her, "No more pictures please!"  She laughted at this photo so I thought I better share.

My girlfriend caught me telling her, “No more pictures please!” She laughted at this photo so I thought I better share.

So I guess you know where I am at..right???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Now to my blog post…..


dsc_2162I left for my annual Hawaiian trip and could not be more happier.  I left just in time before seasonal depression was about to set in with the cold and wet weather in Seattle.  I have a cozy place to stay on Oahu that keeps me warm and relaxed.  I feel so blessed to stay where I feel at home and loved.


I was asked by a few friends what attractions one shoud see visiting Oahu.  The first thing that came to mind is the Aloha Bowl Swap Meet.  This is a place set up on the grounds of the Univeristy of Hawaii’s football stadium three times a week.  The vendors sell everything under the sun that you can imagine plus more!  This is the one place you must go to if you have gifts you want to get for your special someones waiting on the mainland for you to return.


Swap Meet has something for everyone

The Swap Meet has welcomed many from around the world.   It gets no better than this!  I will say my most fave place is to relax with shorts on or my bathing suit right on any beach area on the island.  When I am done shopping or browsing, I head to the beach for some fun under the sun and perhaps happy hour!  I love the adventures of meeting new people or hanging out at a local pub to relax.  This tropical drink cost me only $3.00.  It seems coke products and especially Starbucks ought to think about happy hour on their drinks! haha


Mai Tai Time!

It is easy to see that leaving stress behind me is better than in front of me!  My 50’s have opend up new opportunities for me not available any other time.  I have one life to live and being happy is probably the most important identity I have needed.  To overcome in this world that is full of hatred and disappointment has taken a huge amount of faith.  So in that vein,  I hope you can find your best self and move forward to enjoy life to the best of your ability. It is worth it.


Waikiki Sunset

As a mother of two grown sons,  I know life does not always afford for us to take up and leave our responsibilities.  We must all learn to find a way to get away from the things in life that bring us down. WE all need breaks from the mundane.  I still say turn off that TV folks.  It is worth it to look at nature instead.  I hope in some way my photos inspire you to look over the horizon and see beyond.  It is so worth it.

ChinaMan's Hat Photo I took as I was driving around the island yesterday.

ChinaMan’s Hat Photo I took as I was driving around the island yesterday.




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