My Ashes


Mom and I had a peculiar conversation.  After my recent hospitalization , we discussed living, dying, and a few things right in the middle .

It was apparent I must have some kind of strange situation inside my flesh. I have had way too many issues with modern medicine to think any different.  More surgery is in my near future.

It leaves me depressed, but not broken. Mom even joked she wanted my ashes on her fireplace so she could talk to me everyday. We laughed.

In all seriousness, the human spirit has been victimized to an extreme by TV and in particular politics with the hurt it brought. I sit back and realize I am not a republican nor a democrat. I am a person. I have needs just like you. We all deserve space to just be.

My health scares seem to grab me by the balls at times. Oh wait I don’t have balls !! Haha.

Yet, I stand up and am not afraid to weather whatever THE PLAN is for my life. Do not be fooled by those that say it is going to be ok . Sometimes it is not.  I devised a few phrases in my mind for you to ponder along with me. They are below.

This every girl does not give up easily and will remain as proactive about my health as I am able. A time comes when we all die. When it does, we should be doing something good for mankind.  How does that look to you ? To me, it means a few things:

  1.  Live the little things.
  2.  Keep the happy and keep it now.
  3.  Look for purpose
  4.  Pray
  5.  Family
  6.  Friends
  7.  Touch and feel….


24 thoughts on “My Ashes

  1. Josie

    After 2 cancers, I understand that life is too short to spend it worrying. My recent PET was clear of cancer. I am trying to live one day at a time.

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  2. Wedgwood in Seattle History

    Oh, Alesia, I just want you to know that I am praying for wisdom for you in all decisions and courage in all that you have to face. What a blessing that you could talk with your mom, and will she really be able to receive your ashes to keep on the mantle? Really, that is good. Everyone should make advance preparations so that loved ones don’t have to do it. Recently my church has begun a project to re-do an outdoor patio area and add a wall with niches where people can place containers of cremated ashes. In this way the church will have little memorial markers of those who have been part of the fellowship, especially if they have no one who wants to place their ashes on the mantle at home!

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Hi Val! Thank you. Planning our life is what many of us want to try and “control,” but we clearly can not. Mom and I were just teasing. No plans to go anywhere just yet!! Bless you

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  3. Katrina Beverly

    Thinking of you my friend thanks for sharing your life with us and for encouraging us through all of your pain and issues; you are a true inspiration.

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  4. Pam Rhodes

    Candidness is a quality I admire in you. You so often just tell it like it is! Some prefer sugar coating with a side of fake. We never know how many days we will get on this earth. Doing the best with the time you have whether long or short is what it’s all about. Death is a part of life. Avoiding the subject doesn’t lessen its reality. Love your attitude friend! Prayers

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  5. Alison R Agins

    Recently someone sent me a nice greeting … I’d like to share it with you…

    Alesia, my new dear friend….I wish you…enough! For me it at first sounded strange but it soon seemed to me such a wise and special insightful thought for me and how special that my friend sent that wish on to me…and so I will continue it and will pass it on to others that are dear to me. For each of us our enoughs are most likely very different….but this is for you and my sincere hope is that you have enough!

    Love to you, Ali

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  6. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I can’t believe your mother joked about your ashes. My sense of humor is apparently lacking. I know you will pull though this. You have gone though worse. I was told I would be lucky to live out the year and that doctor was very wrong. A lot happens in medicine over time, so I am sure they will help you once again.

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Donna- you just do not know our relationship. It was completely fine and as a nurse I am not offended in the least. And as her daughter – we are cut from the same cloth!! We love to laugh , but as all mother/daughter relationships go- we have had our issues. Mostly it’s all about love these days . God bless you.

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