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Parked outside of the Casa Monica was a beautiful car of yesteryear.

Travel blogging can be full of surprises.  Readers, my recent trip to St. Augustine, Florida was a vacation spot you do not want to miss.  It was quite a special experience seeing the oldest European city in the United States.  I thought it would be fun to begin a blogging series of random photos and share of few interesting facts along the way.


I took this from the hotel room in the Casa Monica Resort and Spa that shows the ornate architecture of this great city. Flagler College is just a minute walk from the hotel.

The development of much of Florida along the Atlantic Ocean was established by Henry Flagler. He was an American icon of historical proportions famous for developing many industries in the area.  This included railroad, oil, and numerous business ventures of all kinds dealing with resort hotels.

The Alcazar Hotel and City Hall built in 1888 by Mr. Flagler was modeled after Spanish architecture showcasing a castle like appearance.

Above is a statue of Mr. Flagler.  When he died on the day of his funeral, the railroad employees had a ten minute time of silence in respect to all he had accomplished for the state of Florida.

Another amazing attraction is one of the bridges that crosses into St.  Augustine.  These lions guard with majestic beauty.

The bridge of lions spans the intracoastal waterway in St. Augustine, Florida. This is one of two Medici lions made of marble on guard. In 2010, this bridge was number four on a top ten list of bridges.

St Augustine takes you back in time.  It is a peaceful feeling to walk along the cobblestones ponderings those souls who lived here before us.  It was spiritually a beautiful experience.

In the middle of the bridge, large vessals can pass when the road is lifted between the pillars.

More photos to follow with an in-depth look at the history of this city.

This cross sits up high on the oldest Catholic Church of the USA called the St. Augustine. It dates back to the 1500’s when first built by the Spanish settlers of that time.  Much changes came to it through the years.

more beautiful architecture in the city of St. Augustine.

Next blog post will be showcase a few things you can go into and experience…stay tuned.  Here is something to wet your whistle!!! I tried some of this just so you know!! WOW—

This was quite the tasting experience . I left happy as a clam! haha

I will cover the freedom trail ( civil rights ) also with photographs I took in my journey to the beautiful state of Florida!



23 thoughts on “Traveling and Blogging

  1. Katrina Beverly

    I was there some years back with five kids three were mine and two a friends, so I really didn’t get to enjoy the things I would have wanted, I have always wanted to go back and take it all in, it was beautiful from what I remember.

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      1. alesiablogs Post author

        Haha yes! You do need to see this town though!! You live in the Philippines ? One of my best friends here in Seattle is from there. We met as nurses together almost 25 years ago!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Willia Kristine

        Haha. Yes! In the little island of Cebu, Philippines. We filipinos are all over the place to spread joy in everyone’s lives. Haha 😁 wishing you and your best friend well! Say hi for me! Haha

        Liked by 1 person

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