Easy Out


No easy out- we must stop or we will crash!


We need to learn to let go.  We hold onto things way too long that needs to be released.  I decided recently I need to start judging.  Yep.  You heard right. Judge.

After carefully thinking through this, I am judging it all.  How you taste inside me?  What drew me to you?   Where this will take me?  It is true good or bad and now I am OK with judging.  Watch out.  I may prematurely put you to the test.

Are you creeped out?  Feels good, doesn’t it?  I was just talking about food, but here many will miss that.   We do not notice because we do not finish what we were reading. Lets try again with something more important.

The voices in my head try to stop me.  The voices even tell me to go for it. Quite the opposite, to say the least.  This is so wrong isn’t it?  Yet there it is laid out for all to see.  We are a walking metaphor.  All along thinking no one will figure it out.

There is no easy out.  This life leads to only one end.  The end.

I looked up from my screen from writing and all I see is you.  You are in the corner.  An hour later, there you are again on the bus.  Pausing at a red light, I see you yet again.    Yep.  I see you scrolling up and down on your smart phone stopped at the grocery check out.  The faces have changed, but the stares into the phones have not.

What all are we doing? Are we mesmerized by the next move in the political news?  Is it  the outrage we feel when we read about a gutted budget plan for a need?  Where does it end?

It does not. Until you end the bleeding in your own life.  Our addiction  about others’ has no limit.  We must stop the bleeding and turn to challenging ourselves  with one question.  Did you do everything you could to stop the hurt or new challenges? Only you know the list you must work on.  If given the choice, we do not want the hard lessons life has brought our way,  but many times we have no choice. The clues are to opening ourselves to become teachable.  This is not only for ourselves, but for those around us that we love.

xmas abcd

Last winter, I posed for this photo with no idea what tomorrow would bring. WE all do not know.




9 thoughts on “Easy Out

      1. kkessler833

        Sounds great to me! We were forced to get cable with the Digital takeover. We were perfectly happy with a few stations since we don’t watch much TV but with the Digital switch we couldn’t get Public TV anymore and there are a number of programs on that station I like so now we have to pay. Yuck!

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      2. alesiablogs Post author

        Amazon has a antennas on sale that give me enough channels. I bought a couple. One for unstairs and the other for down . August will be a year I have gone without. Hoping I do not cave into cable. So far so good .

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Exactly. There is so much. I am learning to find tenderness in how I am now as opposed to yesterday or a year ago. etc I am so taken by so much we miss when we do not see what is right in front of us… God bless you Val.

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  1. Ali Agins

    Most of my time since coming home from hospitals has been quiet and very peaceful. I made the decision to not watch TV. To not discuss politics or anything ugly or hateful. My focus has been to heal…body and soul! It has been lovely. It works. I’ve slept so much..a catching up on so many hours lost in rest and sleep. I do feel caught up. This has changed me so much… I am not ready yet to look at or listen to news. I have been alone and that is how I want it. Alone in my cave to heal in my time and my way!
    I love your writing your ideas and thoughts! Love, Ali

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    1. alesiablogs Post author

      Ali- I am very touched by your words. I figured you have had a tough time and I have thought of you often. Prayed. Thank you for being real with me and making my writing feel validated . God bless you.



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